Now married daughters will also get government compassionate appointment

A new initiative is going to start in Madhya Pradesh. Now the way of compassionate appointment is going to be opened to the married daughter in the state despite having a married son. Shivraj government has taken a big decision in the cabinet meeting in Madhya Pradesh, under which daughters will also be able to get compassionate appointment. On Tuesday, the Shivraj government has agreed to its decision.

In the decision taken by the government on September 29, 2014 regarding the provisions related to compassion, the government has also talked about necessary amendments. Taking an important decision, the cabinet said that whether it is a son or a daughter, now both have a common right for compassionate appointment. Even if the daughter is married, she will be given appointment.

Under this policy, the first job will be given in the state. Under this cabinet (Shivraj cabinet) Shraddha Malvi daughter of the state. Will propose appointment to RS Rathore. This will be the first case of the state when the daughter will be given a job while having a son.

Appointment on the orders of the High Court
It is being told that 550 cases of compassionate appointment are pending in the state of MP. But the Secretary of the Administration Department has said that at present this policy has been made for only one case. The rest will have to wait now. But after today’s appointment, the way will open for more people as well.

There are so many women voters in the state
At present, there are about 2.61 crore women voters, more than 48%, out of about 5.40 crore voters in the state. Moreover, in 18 assembly seats (all tribal reserved seats) out of total 230 assembly seats in the state, the number of female voters is currently more than male voters.

what is compassionate policy
Under the compassionate policy, if a government employee dies while on the job, then a member of his family is given a job. Apart from this, financial assistance is also given to his family members.

they get benefits
Under compassionate appointment, in case of death of any government employee while in service, one of his dependents is given appointment.
In this, the wife of the late government servant or completely dependent husband can get a job.

Apart from this, such a widow or a divorced daughter, who at the time of the death of the late government servant was living with him, being completely dependent on him. He is given a job.

If the widowed daughter-in-law of the late government servant is not an eligible member, who is living with the government servant at the time of his death, being completely dependent on him. He can also get a job.

Under this policy unmarried daughter used to get benefit but the MP government has decided that married daughter can also be given job. PLC/GT


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