Now Iran Warns America: Consequences Will Be Dire

Iran Warns America
Iran Warns America

Tehran : Along with the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the conflict between Israel and Iran has also started. In fact, Iran has been angry at Israel since the recent attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria. Iran has blamed Israel for this attack. Threatening to retaliate, Iran also fired dozens of drones at Israel on Saturday. In view of the attack, America has come out in defense of Israel.

After this, Iran has opposed America’s support. He has asked America to stay away from this attack. Iran threatened that if Israel made another mistake, the consequences would be very bad. Iran’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations said the military action was taken in response to the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus on the basis of Article 51 of the UN Charter. The matter can now be considered closed. He further said that if Israel makes another mistake, the consequences will be very bad. This conflict is between Iran and Israel and America should stay away from it.

Iran’s permanent mission said in its statement that the UN Security Council had failed in its duty to maintain international peace and security. This allowed Israel to violate the Red Line and fundamental principles of international law. However, Israeli security forces stopped the missiles fired by Iran on Saturday. According to the media, missiles were fired from several different places into the sky of Jerusalem. During this period, it was difficult to tell the difference between the missiles fired by Iran and the action taken by Israel. At least 20-32 missiles were intercepted.

In support of Israel, America also continued to shoot down many of Iran’s drones and missiles. A US security forces official said, in keeping with our commitment to defend Israel, US forces shot down Iranian missiles. Our forces in the area are providing additional security to Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reacted to the drone attacks carried out by Iran. He said Israel has been preparing for a direct attack on Iran for years. Our defensive systems are deployed and we are fully prepared for any attack. Israel is a strong country and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is a strong force. Along with this, Netanyahu also appreciated the support of America, Britain, France and other countries.


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