Now in government hospitals along with the patients, relatives will also get delicious dishes


Upgraded kitchens will be built in district hospitals, modern machines will start cooking, health department sent a letter to the superintendent of district hospitals, out source agency will be selected

New-age upgrade kitchens will now be ready in district hospitals. In which there will be arrangement of delicious food for the relatives along with the patients. The work of operating kitchens in all district hospitals of the state, including Jaypee Hospital in Bhopal, will be given to an outsourced agency.

This information has been given to the Superintendents of the District Hospital through a letter from the Health Department. Things like idli and sandwich will also be included in the new kitchen. The special thing is that the civil surgeon will have the right to take action if any kind of disturbance is found. This will help in maintaining the systems.

Health department officials say that nutritious and hygienic food will be available in the new kitchen. According to the information received from the sources, the model tender document has been prepared at the state level. This will lead to the selection of the outsourced agency. This agency will operate the kitchen. It will also be operated as per the prescribed standards.

These facilities will be available

At present, free food is being given to the patients admitted in the district hospitals. But there is no arrangement for the patients and their relatives coming to the OPD. In the new system, the private agency will also run the canteen. In which vegetable and cheese sandwich, fried rice, upma, samosa, kachodi, aloo bada and other items will be available. For this, an area of 1200 to 1500 square feet has been earmarked for the kitchen with a budget of five lakh rupees.

Automatic equipment will be installed

Burner, oven, electric chimney, roti maker, mixing machine, vegetable cutter, hot ben mary (electric trolley) and other equipment will be installed in the upgraded kitchen. ( PLC /GT 0


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