Now 16-year-old Muslim girls can marry in India of their own free will, they will not have to wait to be 18 or 21, this decision of Punjab and Haryana High Court can be made in India as well as in many countries as a matter of discussion because India Earlier, it was mandatory for any girl to be 18 years old for marriage, but later in India, the age of marriage of girls has been increased to 21 years.

Know what is the matter

Muslim girls can now marry a boy of their choice as soon as they turn 16. Punjab and Haryana High Court has said this while hearing a case. The High Court’s observation came at a time when a 16-year-old girl approached the court to live with her 21-year-old husband. Along with this, the High Court also ordered that the 16-year-old girl should be provided with the necessary security to live with her husband.

In one case, a 16-year-old Muslim girl had applied in the Punjab and Haryana High Court for her security after a marriage without the consent of the family members. Approving the same application, Justice Jasjit Singh Bedi of the High Court has given this decision. On his behalf, the SSP of Pathankot has been ordered to provide necessary security to the 16-year-old girl to live with her husband.

This remains a matter of great fury because there is no separate benefit of any separate age limit for religion, caste or community anywhere in the marriage laws in India.


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