North Korea Launches First Military Spy Satellite, Kim Jong Un Calls for More

kim jong
kim jong

In a move that has raised concerns among the international community, North Korea has announced the successful launch of its first military spy satellite. The satellite is said to be crucial to North Korea’s efforts to acquire a space-based surveillance system, which the country sees as necessary to counter the security threat posed by the US and its allies.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, reportedly gave the instruction to launch the satellite during a recent visit to the country’s aerospace agency. During the visit, Kim emphasized the importance of military reconnaissance in enabling North Korea to effectively prevent war. He also ordered officials to accelerate preparations for the launch of the satellite, which he said had been built in April.

The launch of the satellite comes amid rising tensions between North Korea and the US, Japan, and South Korea, who have been conducting joint military exercises in the region. North Korea has responded with a series of weapons tests, including the first solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, which the country says is capable of striking the US.

Kim Jong Un called for North Korea to launch multiple satellites in order to gain a comprehensive intelligence-gathering capability. He accused the US and South Korea of expanding their hostile military operations against North Korea under the guise of strengthening their alliance.

Concerns have been raised by the international community over North Korea’s increasing military capabilities, particularly its nuclear and missile programs. The launch of the spy satellite is likely to further escalate tensions in the region and increase concerns over North Korea’s intentions.


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