Noor-E- Izdihaar: Casaa De Ouro Designer Dolly Nagpal Unleashed Persian Delight At ADW 2017



New Delhi,
Dolly Nagpal took us to an enchanting journey of Persian motive and architecture as Casaa De Ouro unveiled the Winter/Festive Collection 2017, Noor-E-Izdihar at Asian Designer Week on 4th and 5th November. The fashion extravaganza was organized with Vaatsaalyaa Charitable Trust for Education in the heart of South Delhi, Garden of Five Senses.

Exhibiting the perfect balance between the modern persona and traditional style, the couture had design and embroidery patterns influenced by nature and various life forms around us. Noor-E-Izdiharromanticized touch of royal colors such as, emerald green, yellow ochre, maroon etc. Using the handwork embroidery fused with machine weaves, the collection reflected enriching eco-friendly and sustainable styles.

Entrepreneur Dolly Nagpal, the proud owner of Casaa De Ouro, is an upbeat Delhi woman who aims to touch the sky while she finds inspiration by staying attached to her roots. In her own words, “Fashion is a natural instinct which creates a creative channel. It is how you breathe, what you wear, how comfortable are you in your own skin and eventually, how is that you can be, simply you. Designing allows me freedom of expression.”

Known for her exclusive styles Dolly Nagpal believes in building a bridge between fashion and nature through her designs. Noor-E-Izdihar is designed with a vision of providing comfort and passion at the same time as the couture can be made for both contemporary and trousseau wear.


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