Non exemption of private  cng vehicles is giving a wrong signal to the clean fuel vehicle buyers



New Delhi,

The  International Road Federation (IRF), working for better and safer roads worldwide has once again urged the Delhi government  to include private Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles in the exemption list  as done for e vehicles in the on-going  Odd Even number plate driving initiative  in the capital .

“IRF welcomes the Delhi government’s move to exempt e-vehicles but also wants private CNG vehicles to be included in the Odd Even scheme as these vehicles use much cleaner fuel and emit lesser carbon per unit capacity than the two wheelers “ said Mr K K Kapila, President, Emeritus,  International Road Federation.

“The Non-inclusion of private CNG vehicles by the Delhi government is working as a disincentive for clean fuel CNG vehicles buyers in the capital and giving a wrong signal to the future buyers of CNG vehicles. The CNG fuel is more futuristic, economical and cleaners as compared to petrol and diesel ” Mr Kapila said.

“CNG is clean, odourless, non -corrosive gas that is used as a cheaper, cleaner and more efficient alternative to the traditional fuels world wide. Non inclusion of private CNG vehicles will discourage new buyers of CNG vehicles World is moving towards cleaner fuel and e vehicles”‘ said Mr Kapila.

“IRF urges Delhi government to exclude Private CNG vehicles from the ongoing  Odd-even scheme.  This will encourage new buyers to CNG vehicles as it will improve the environment over a period of time which is our common intent ” added Mr Kapila.


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