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Friday, January 21st, 2022

NIYOGI BOOKS Releases new Fiction Title "NEVER A DISCONNECT"

INVC,, Delhi,, "NEVER A DISCONNECT" written by Sadhna Shanker was launched by Niyogi Books on 7th September, 2010 at an impressive function held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Mr. Voyalar Ravi Union Cabinet Minister of Oversease Indian Affairs (Government  of India) the Chief Guest, released the book and appreciated the efforts and inputs of the Author and the Publisher in producing this well-knit, crisply put together multi-layered story of subtle anguish, yearning and hope. The Moderator, Ms. Antara Dev Sen (Columnist and Editor) lauded the author for her book that grips the reader's attention all through. Ms. Sen, thereafter, initiated an interesting one-to-one discussion on the book with the author which was appreciated by the gathering. The event was well attended by the literary, cultural and intellectual stalwarts of the city and also the media, who showered praise on the author for her lucid narrative. Bikash D Niyogi, Managing Director, Niyogi Books said "it is a pleasure and privilege to add yet another title to our growing Fiction list and I congratulate Sadhna Shanker for penning down such an interesting story, moving back and forth, from past to present with great skill." ABOUT THE BOOK What did the three of them have? Abha had Parul, Rekha a marriage and a lover, and Simran a steadfast longing for a man who refused to hold her hand. Not much, when life has so much to offer. Yet each stood at this crossroad by choice. Never a Disconnect is a journey. It is a multi-layered story of subtle anguish, yearning and hope, moving back and forth from past to present. Abha, Rekha and Simran pass through the portals of Delhi University on a roller coaster ride of idealism, romance and dreams. Then they wake up. Meeting professional challenges, grappling with failed and failing relationships, parenthood, religious differences, and myriad expectations, they face life - with its simple joys and complex desires. From mothers who lived for others, to daughters who try to live for themselves, there is always hope that perhaps, someday, granddaughters will actually live for themselves.



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