Nirav Modi Ordered to Settle $8 Million Debt to Bank of India in London Court

Nirav Modi, S Jaishankar, Vijay Mallya

London : The High Court in London has issued a summary judgment against Nirav Modi, the embattled diamond merchant currently lodged in Britain’s Tameside jail. The judgment mandates Modi to repay a staggering $8 million to India’s Bank of India (BOI). This decision stems from a loan facility extended by BOI to Modi’s Dubai-based company, Firestar Diamond FZE.

Legal Implications and Recovery Process

The court’s ruling empowers Bank of India to initiate the recovery process from Firestar Diamond FZE, including the possibility of auctioning Nirav Modi’s global properties and assets. Led by barrister Tom Beasley and solicitor Milan Kapadia of Royds Withy King, BOI representatives effectively argued that Modi lacked a viable defense, thus obviating the need for a trial. Despite being served with the court’s decision and having his lawyer provided with a copy of the application, Modi failed to respond.

The $8 million judgment encompasses both the principal loan amount and the accrued interest. Following BOI’s demand for repayment in 2018, Nirav Modi defaulted on his financial obligations, prompting legal action against him. Given Firestar Diamond FZE’s location in Dubai, the summary judgment from a UK court holds enforceability in that jurisdiction.

Nirav Modi’s Legal Predicament and Asset Seizure

Amidst facing unpaid legal bills from his failed extradition case, Nirav Modi disclosed to the Barkingside Magistrate’s Court in London that his assets had been seized by the Indian government. This seizure compels him to gradually repay his dues through acquaintances or consider borrowing to meet his financial obligations.

 Accountability and Legal Obligations

The British court’s directive to Nirav Modi to repay $8 million to Bank of India underscores the importance of accountability and adherence to legal obligations, irrespective of geographical boundaries. This ruling serves as a testament to the global reach of justice and the efficacy of international legal cooperation in resolving financial disputes.

In summary, Nirav Modi’s legal saga continues to unfold, with the recent judgment in London signaling a pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice and restitution for affected parties.


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