NGOs helping the most vulnerable in covid-19



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While coronavirus is sweeping across India, economy has been hit badly through ongoing lockdown. Many daily wage laborers have been left with no source of income,whereas, many migrants are stranded on the road. To ensureabout their safely and essentials, many NGOshave come forward sending funds, food and connecting with people on ground work for assistance. Each of these projects involves regular practices and extra attention to help the government and protect people from pandemic coronavirus.


Besides providing immediate relief, the NGO has started a project called Rahat Covid-19 that has identified a large number of daily wagers who are out of jobs and trying to return to hometown. A lot of them are stuck in cities with hardly any resources. Besides reaching out to them and helping them with dry ration and personal care products.

Zomato feeding India

Foodtech unicorn Zomato, whose own delivery services have been riddled with uncertainties of late, has launched the ‘Feeding India’ initiative to offer food for families of daily wage earners, who are most affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. With the aim to raise ₹50 crore, the project is slowly inching towards the halfway mark, by having amassed more than ₹17 crore in donation. Each meal kit procured with the funds and costing ₹500, should last a family of five for a week and contains a combination of basic staples such as wheat flour, rice and two kinds of pulses.

Miracle Foundation India

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Miracle Foundation India has extended financial assistance to Child Care Institutes (CCIs) for supporting the vulnerable and orphaned children. CCIs and Miracle Foundation will be jointly working to provide such children and their families with sufficient supplies, once they shift out of CCIs as per guidance of the Govt authorities to ensure their overall health and wellbeing for a period of two months. The foundation has committed to support 250 families and 378 children during the lockdown.

Swasthgram Foundation

The foundation has come forward to sanitize and screen test the localities of Delhi NCR. The team of 500 health volunteers are visiting localities to sanitize and screen test people and also creating awareness by distributing pamphlets and making annoucements, regarding do’s and don’ts for residents and essential service operators (Grocery stores, banks, chemists etc.) The awareness program has been running from 20th March 2020 in Delhi NCR, making sure that people are adhering to the set social distancing and hygiene norms.This way the team claims to have reached out to over 2 million people, conducted screening of over 5,000 individuals, and disinfected 10,000 homes and public places like police stations, banks, grocery shops, among others.

United Way Mumbai

At present, United Way is helping local health and government authorities fight the spread of the coronavirus and keeping workers safe. The teams collect funds through donation and support the infrastructure and sanitisation to hospitals (beds, chairs, tables, etc), providing doctors and nurses with masks, gloves, hazmat suits and goggles, and other such aid.



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