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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Next International Festival to be in November, 2010: Dr. Pranav Pandya

INVC,, Haridwar,,

The Six day long Festival, today ended with it climax: enriching the participants with various colors of Yoga,Culture and Sprituality at DSVV. Renowned Scholars and saints shared their experiences.

Swami Chidananda Muni was the Chief Guest. Along with Minister of Tourism and Culture Madan Kaushik  and  Mrs. Saji Umalatova from Russia were special guests.

Welcome address was given by VC Dr. SP Mishra. Fes Report was presented by Fes convener Mamta Bhatnagar.

450 delegates from over 20 countries participated in it.

Feed back from the participants – Extraordinory experience, came to know about the deeper aspect of Yoga, culture and Spirituality. All experienced the Healing effect of the spiritually charged ambience of DSVV. Through cultural programs the participantes witnessed  yoga in Action, Fragrance of love and cooperation.

Madan Kaushik describing UK to be a tourism State, thanked DSVV for promoting the Culture and  Spirituality of UK to the world and assured to add this Festival in the tourist calendar of UK Tourism.

Saji Umalatova  felt very proud of being the part of the Festival. She said, “ UK and India are fortunate to have such a University”. President Medvedev, a big lover of Indian Culture would like to see such University in Russia. Hoped such Programme to play vital role in the close Indo-Russia Cultural and spiritual ties. Wished  Spread of Indian culture in the World and visit the next festival in November.

HH Chidananda Muni – There is no copyright to the knowledge of sages. Need of the hour is this vision of Indian culture, where there are no barriers. Love is the Master key that can open all locks. Tragedy is that we use key to close the doors.

Essence of the Festival, he said is to Change your nature. To keep in touch with the energy and inspiration received here, he gave some masterly tips. Check your volume, values, Honesty-Integrity, sensual organs like ears, eyes, speech etc. Lastly check your thoughts and actions. Let not new file of your new action open.  This is yoga, culture and spirituality. Possessed with this you are your master.

He said, this divine land is going to be the Spiritual capital of not only  India but the whole world. Describing DSVV as a Spiritual Power house, he suggested all participants to come here again when feeling discharged.

In the presidential Address, Dr. Pranav Pandya  thanked all and called spirituality to be the soul of religion. If practiced in day to day life, it can do miracle. Calling Yoga a revolution at personal and cosmic level, he  appealed all to spread it like infectious disease. Legislative and corporate world will function better if they practice it a little before the session.  Dr. Pandya declared next Festival to be held in November 2010.

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suman, says on March 23, 2010, 4:52 PM

Great initiative towards a bright future. All true spritual people should join together and establish the Indian values, yoga, ayurveda and Yaya.