Friday, January 24th, 2020

CEOs Sing for GF Kids Mumbai is Back and Promises to Rock !

INVC NEWS Mumbai, They excel in their respective fields, they set examples for the people they work with, they inspire, they lead and occasionally, they also sing and dance to Save Little Hearts with Genesis Foundation. The 18th edition of Genesis Foundation’s CEOs Sing for GF Kids is scheduled for June 17 and promises to be even better than the previous ones. The ITC Grand Central, Mumbai is all set to resound with music by CEOs from various companies, and all for a very significant cause. The rehearsals are on in full swing—the guitars, flutes and saxophones have been dusted off, the costumes are being chosen, the melodies are being polished and the corporate leaders are getting set to take the stage by a storm. Genesis Foundation works towards supporting the treatment of critically ill, under-privileged children with heart disorders. Corporate leaders from across the spectrum of industries come together every year to support and help raise funds for the cause. Taking time out from their busy schedules, these extremely influential people come together to sing, dance and do their bit to ‘Save Little Hearts’. One of the closest and most dedicated supporters of Genesis Foundation, YM Deosthalee, Past Chairman, L&T Finance Holdings, and our Patron will be leading the host team this year. The line-up for this year’s edition of CEOs Sing For GF Kids is: Dennis Taraporewala, Managing Director, Criesse Communications Geetu Verma, Exec-Director, Hindustan Unilever Vinit Store, CEO, The Quadron Business Park V Vaidyanathan, Chairman, Capital First Kerman Lalkaka, GM, ITC, Grand Central, Mumbai Dinesh Mirchandani, Managing Partner, Boyden Subhash Kamath, Managing Partner, BBH India Vinodini Lulla, Trustee, CMCA Ashwin Deo, MD, Trinity Vintners Mehmood Curmally, CEO, JnY Entertainment Kuldeep Bhartee, GM, ITC Maratha, Mumbai Ramesh Iyer, Vice-chairman, MD & President, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. Speaking about the event, Prema Sagar, Founder, Genesis Foundation said, “I am grateful to each of these lovely friends and leaders who volunteer for this cause. We are overwhelmed by the encouragement we get each year. Some of these CEOs have been with us for the past 16 years with as much enthusiasm as they had in the first year, and their music and talent always leaves us spellbound. It’s truly a great feeling. The support of these leaders is invaluable in our endeavour to raise funds for the little hearts who need them.” “My association with Genesis Foundation goes back several years and each year, the cause comes closer to my heart. These critically ill children need a fighting chance and I am gratified that I am able to do my bit. It is my pleasure to be a part of sharing smiles and Saving Little Hearts.” said YM Deosthalee, Past Chairman, L&T Finance Holdings.



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