New Zealand Joins Global Probe into MDH and Everest Spices


New Zealand’s food safety authorities have joined the global investigation into the quality of spice products manufactured by two renowned Indian brands, MDH Private Limited (MDH) and Everest Food Products Private Limited (Everest). Following regulatory actions in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, and Australia, New Zealand has initiated its own probe into potential chemical adulteration in these spice products.

International Scrutiny

The concerns surrounding MDH and Everest spices escalated when Singapore banned the sale of certain products from these companies due to elevated levels of ethylene oxide, a pesticide known to pose health risks, including an increased likelihood of cancer. This action prompted similar measures in Hong Kong, with both the US and Australia also launching investigations into the chemical composition of MDH and Everest spice offerings.

New Zealand’s Response

Acknowledging the overseas recalls and regulatory actions, New Zealand’s food safety regulator has announced its investigation into the presence of any harmful substances in MDH and Everest spice products available within its borders. Given the popularity of these brands globally, including in New Zealand, ensuring the safety of consumers is paramount.

Company Statements

Both MDH and Everest have issued statements asserting the safety of their products, despite the ongoing investigations. India’s food safety regulatory body has conducted inspections at the manufacturing plants of these companies and initiated trials on samples collected as part of the global inquiry. However, the results of these investigations have yet to be disclosed publicly.

Global Popularity

For decades, MDH and Everest spices have enjoyed widespread popularity in India and have been exported to various regions across Europe, Asia, and North America. Their reputation for quality and authenticity has made them staples in kitchens worldwide, with consumers relying on their products for culinary excellence.

As the investigations into the quality of MDH and Everest spice products continue, consumers are advised to exercise caution and stay informed about any developments. New Zealand’s involvement in this global scrutiny underscores the importance of stringent food safety regulations and underscores the need for transparency in the manufacturing and distribution of consumable goods.


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