New twist in the controversy between Smriti Irani and her daughter and Goa

New Delhi . A new twist has come in the bar dispute between Union Minister Smriti Irani and her daughter and Goa. The Congress has alleged that Assagao’s Silly Souls Cafe and Bar, which was run by the daughter of Union Minister Irani, had renewed its bar license “fraudulently” in the name of a deceased person. It has come to the fore that its ownership is with a local family.

The family submitted before the Goa excise commissioner that the property is “exclusively” its “business” and does not involve “any other person/person”.
Responding to the show-cause notice issued by the Excise Commissioner, the owners Marilyn Anthony D’Gama and her son Dean D’Gama also said that they “have not done any work in contravention of any provision of the Goa Excise Act. Show cause”. The notice was issued on a complaint filed by lawyer Ares Rodrigues, alleging that the restaurant’s liquor license was renewed in June in the name of one Anthony D’Gama, who died in May 2021. The certificate was issued by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

A reply was sought from the restaurant in seven days. After which both the sides were heard for more than an hour on Friday. In their written reply that Anthony D’Gama was Merlin’s husband, the mother and son said the allegations in the complaint were “completely baseless”.

The family’s lawyer, Benny Nazareth, said: “We are governed by the Portuguese Civil Code. Under the Code, property is owned jointly in the name of husband and wife in accordance with Article 1117 (of the Portuguese Civil Code, 1867). From the point of view of law, administration is always in the name of the husband. But when a spouse dies, the administration automatically goes to the spouse. So, here the spouse automatically becomes the administrator of the property. PLC/GT


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