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Thursday, January 20th, 2022

New Prosperity In Life Of Saharia Families - Alka Saxena



Saharia families of tribal dominated Baran district in Hadauti region have faced many difficulties and hardships in earning two square meals a day. No other community other than Saharias knows better the sufferings of poverty. The Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has always shared their sufferings with the commitment for social and economic upliftment of saharia families. He visited the saharia region many times during his previous tenure and spent a night of Diwali among the people of these community.

          The humanitarian approach of Shri Gehlot towards these people have brought new prosperity in the lives of tribal people of the state who use to dream of coming into the main stream of development.

          The State Government has made special efforts for the social and economic upliftment of saharia families through the medium of many public welfare schemes in its present tenure of 4 years so far. The saharia families of Kishanganj and Sahabad area are eligible for the specially weak tribal group (P.T.G) schemes of the Central Government, but the saharia families living in other parts of the Baran district were not eligible for any development programme. In such a situation an announcement was made in the budget of 2011-12 and saharia families of whole of the Baran district are now being benefited through P.T.G. and other development programmes of Scheduled Tribes.

          The scope of Chief Minister BPL Jeevan Raksha Kosh has been extended and the saharia tribal families of Baran district have been included under the Antyodaya Scheme. Along with this the Kathodi tribal is being provided the facility of free treatment. Thus these communities are getting the benefit of free treatment and food security. The 18,748 saharia tribal families of Kishanganj and Sahabad Panchayat Samiti in Baran district and 1080 families of Kathodi tribe in Udaipur district are being provided 35 kg. wheat per month free of cost. The State Government is bearing the burden of Rs.2.60 crores every year for this purpose.

          Besides these two tehsils, over five thousand poor people are being made available wheat @ Rs.2 per kg. per month. Of this 2500 Antyodaya families are being provided 35 kg. per month wheat @ Rs.2 per kg. while another 2500 B.P.L. families are being made available 25 kg. wheat every month @ Rs.23 per kg. Keeping in view the weak economic situation of saharia families, provision has been made to provide 100 days additional employment after the completion the 100 days employment under the MNREGA scheme.

          The State Government has also helped the saharia families by giving them back the land under their ownership, after freeing the land from the encroachment made by other people. The District Administration has provided the ownership of 2889.14 hectare land in 563 cases to the concerned families. Similarly action has been taken under the Rajasthan Tenancy Act over 3684.22 hectare land in 980 cases of forced encroachment on saharia land by other people. In another 702 cases where there is a difference at the spot of the land and the record, the land settlement department have been informed to take action in 2796.11 hectare area in villages for the settlement.

          Special package has been announced in the budget of 2011-12 to being saharia families into the main stream of the development in the state. Under this sanction of Rs.2 crore were made for two residential schools in Koyala and Kawai. Besides 50 Maa-Bari Centers were opened outside Kishanganj and Sahabad. Construction work of 50 Maa-Bari buildings in saharia region is underway. Over 534 women self help groups have been constituted and 39 groups have been connected with credit linkages. Residential plots have been allotted by the Gram Panchayat to 42 families for construction of residential locality in Aklera region for the poorest saharia families. Construction work in all these is underway.

          Over 1441 saharia tribal families of Sahabad and Kishangarh Panchayat Samiti were benefited under the Mukhaya Mantri BPL Awas Scheme and Indira Awas Yojana, as a result of which these poor families are residing in their own houses. Ashram hostel with the cost of Rs. one crore is being constructed for saharia students in Atru.

          Announcement has been made in the budget of 2011-12 to open a new ITI for saharia youth in Kishanganj, Sahabad. The land had been allotted for construction of the building of this institute. As an alternative arrangement, the students of this ITI have been given admission in ITI Kelwara for the session 2011-12. With the view to setup state polytechnique college in saharia region, the allotment of land has been made in Kelwara and financial and administrative sanction issued.

          Keeping in view the rises prices the annual assistance of Rs.13 thousand has been increased to Rs.20 thousand for the saharia students studying in colleges under the education incentive programme. Sanction of Rs.3.5 lakh was issued to provide incentive amount of Rs.350 per month to tribal students studying in senior secondary classes in the budget of 2012.

          Subsidy has also been made available for crop loan to the saharia families. For this, provision of Rs.22.5 lakh was made for the year 2011-12 for crop loan to these families. Besides with the view to provide special relaxation in physical norms for the post of police constable to the saharia tribal families of Sahabad and Kishanganj tehsil. Rajasthan Police Subordinate Service Rules have been ammended. This would help the youth of this community in the recruitment as constables in the years to come.



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