New Holland Provides Over 160 Units for Large-Scale Biomass Power Generation Project in India




New Holland Fiat India has won a large order for agricultural equipment from A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services. Based in Gurgaon, near Delhi, A2Z is one of the country’s fast-growing enterprises operating in power generation and distribution services, renewable energy and solid waste management. This order marks the beginning of a wider initiative, led by A2Z in cooperation with New Holland, that will offer Indian farmers a viable alternative to burning paddy straw by using crop residues for power generation. The initiative will have a two-fold positive environmental impact, resulting on the one hand from the consequent reduction in large scale burning in open fields and, on the other hand, from the use of a renewable source for energy generation.

New Holland supplied a total of 105 New Holland 4010 and 3630 TX tractor models, with 40 and 55 hp respectively; 45 BC5060 square balers; 15 RKG 129 model rakes and two model 38 mowers. This equipment is already working for three A2Z power generation projects in the state of Punjab, in Northwest India, which will contribute 45 megawatts of renewable energy to the State power grid.

The projects, which A2Z set up at the Cooperative Sugar Mills in Morinda, Nakodar and Fazilka, are relying on the New Holland tractor fleet to pull the balers, rakes and mowers to collect paddy straw, cotton, maize, and rapeseed. The tractors are also used to transport the collected biomass to the power plants, where it will be used to generate electricity. The outstanding support of New Holland’s after-sales team ensured the success of the New Holland fleet’s first season of paddy straw collection.

At the close of the first season, Mr Rakesh Agarwal, Chief Managing Director of A2Z, was extremely satisfied, saying, “We selected New Holland over other manufacturers because of their expertise in biomass collection and strong after-sales support, and the first season proved we made the right choice. The A2Z projects in Punjab have shown that this is a viable solution to mass-scale burning of paddy straw, which can lead to a dramatic reduction in environmental pollution.”

Mr Munish Jindal, Vice President of A2Z, added, “A2Z has a vision to lead the industry in renewable energy power projects and we plan to work in tandem with New Holland to offer innovative solutions to collect different bio masses all across India.”

Mr Stefano Pampalone, Managing Director New Holland Fiat India, commented, “At New Holland we are ready and honored to work side by side with A2Z, providing the equipment, expertise and technical support to take this initiative forward and help develop renewable energy generation in India.”

New Holland Provides Over 160 Units  for Large-Scale Biomass Power Generation Project in India
New Holland Provides Over 160 Units for Large-Scale Biomass Power Generation Project in India



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