Netflix Sued in Italy: Artist 7607 Take Legal Action Against OTT Giant

Netflix vs Artisti 7607
Netflix vs Artisti 7607

Rome :  A lawsuit has been filed against OTT company Netflix in Italy. Italian company ‘Artisti 7607’, which represents thousands of local artists, has sued Netflix in a local court. Giving this information on behalf of the company, it was said that they are suing Netflix in the Rome court for adequate compensation for their artists.

Regarding this matter, the ‘Artisti 7607’ company said, ‘We continue to be disappointed in determining the payment and compensation for artists in accordance with European and national law. Despite eight years of negotiations to obtain the necessary information, the situation remains the same. Now ‘Artisti 7607’ is forced to file a petition in the court to ensure that the law is followed.

‘Artisti 7607’ was founded by a group of veteran Italian actors including Elio Germano. ‘Artisti 7607’ was established over a decade ago. It is worth noting that Elio Germano has been fighting with Netflix for a long time over the rights of local artists. It is known that Elio Germano had also received the Best Acting Award at Cannes for Italian director Daniele Luchetti’s ‘Our Life’.

‘Artisti 7607’ has earlier also sued an Italian media company ‘AGCOM’ in the court for action. At the same time, a statement was issued by Netflix regarding this matter, in which the OTT company said, ‘We believe in giving fair remuneration to the artists.

For this we have also signed an agreement with ‘Nuovo Imai’, the largest company representing Italian actors. We also tried to reach an agreement with ‘Artisti 7607’. For this we have also provided them all the necessary information. The statement from Netflix further said, ‘Artisti 7607 has repeatedly rejected our payment offer, but we hope they will accept it. For now, we are waiting for the court’s decision.


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