Netflix Announces Maamla Legal Hai Season 2

Mamla Legal Hai Season 2

Mumbai  : The Netflix’s web series ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ entertained the audience a lot. The performance of Ravi Kishan and other artists was also highly appreciated by the audience. Now, within a month of the first season, Netflix has announced the second season of the much-loved web series i.e. ‘Maamala Legal Hai 2’.

After season 1, now Ravi Kishan is coming back with his team to create a stir in the second season. Ravi Kishan, Anant Joshi and Nidhi Bisht were seen in lead roles in ‘Maamla Legal Hai Season 1’. This series was released on March 1, 2024. The season received rave reviews and was highly praised for its quirky and captivating courtroom drama set in Patparganj, Delhi.

Mamla Legal Hai Season 2 : Netflix Announcement

Netflix took to Instagram to share the news of the announcement of the second season of ‘Maamala Legal Hai’ with the amazing cast of Season 1. The caption accompanying the video read, ‘A smiling lawyer looks the best, that’s why the darlings of Patparganj are returning.’ ‘Masla Legal Hai’ is returning for a second season. The series is coming soon only on Netflix.

Actor Ravi Kishan made headlines by playing the role of a lawyer in ‘Maamala Legal Hai Season 1’. They used their shrewdness and legal knowledge to win cases and often took advantage of loopholes. The other supporting cast including Yashpal Sharma, Naila Grewal, Ananth V Joshi and Nidhi Bisht also delivered strong performances. The show also kept the audience entertained with humorous jokes and one-liners.

Talking about ‘Maamla Legal Hai Season 1’, it takes the audience on a comedy journey through the Patparganj district court. Each 30-minute episode features unusual cases based on real-life situations, which are a mix of entertainment and social commentary. One strange incident after another keeps the audience engaged. Along with this, another story also goes on, which is that of lawyer Ravi Kishan, who wants to become President by winning the election in the court.

In the series, Ravi Kishan plays the role of VD Tyagi, a lawyer who takes advantage of legal loopholes to win the case. His dream is to become the President of the Bar Association. Nyla Grewal plays Ananya Shroff, a Harvard-educated idealist who wants to help the underprivileged but faces a harsh system in Patparganj.


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