Nestle Baby food item scandal: Nestle is once again in controversy


Mumbai  : The Maggi manufacturing company Nestle is once again in controversy. This time the company is in the news regarding the excessive amount of sugar in its baby food items. Nestle has been accused of mixing sugar with honey in baby foods in developing countries. Public Eye and the International Baby Food Action Network have said in their report that testing of Nestle India’s samples shows that each serving of its baby food Cerelac contains an average of 3 grams of sugar.

Nestle India, responding to these allegations, said that in the last five years it has started reducing the amount of added sugar in its baby food products by 30 percent. In its clarification, the statement issued by the company has said that we keep reviewing our portfolio regularly. We are continuously improving our products without adding added sugar without compromising on nutrition, quality, safety and taste.

Nestle India claimed that its baby food is rich in all the nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, iron etc., which are essential for small children. We do not and will never compromise on the nutritional quality of our products.

The company also said that it leverages its global research and development network to improve the nutritional profile of its products. Regarding the added amount of sugar in the products, Nestlé India says that we ensure that Our products manufactured in India strictly adhere to CODEX standards and other regulations.


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