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Friday, October 30th, 2020

Necessity to take necessary step to stop spread of swine flu

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan issued directives to the officers for taking necessary measures to prevent swine flu. He also instructed to spread awareness among the people in this regard and for sufficient arrangements for tests and medical treatment. Shri Chouhan was reviewing the arrangements as regard to prevention of swine flu here today.
Directing the officers, Shri Chouhan said that sufficient arrangements for swine flu medicines, equipments and other essential material should be made at all the places. Isolation wards should be kept ready in all the district hospitals, ventilators should be arranged and sufficient arrangement of temiflu medicine should be made. Shri Chouhan further mentioned that private hospitals should be reminded to start treatment with utmost seriousness immediately in case of doubt of swine flu case and they should also inform about it immediately.
Moreover, Chouhan said that necessary measures and cautions should be adopted to prevent swine flu from spreading as regard to the people coming from outside. Awareness should be generated among the people for prevention of swine flu. He also issued directives for necessary measures through urban bodies and gram panchayats. Furthermore, Shri Chouhan also gave instructions for dengue tests and treatment.
Principal Secretary Public Health Smt. Gouri Singh informed that there is a facility of swine flu screening and treatment in 65 identified hospital of the state. Test facility is available in Gwalior, Jabalpur and Bhopal. Temiflu medicine is available in sufficient stock, which can be taken at the advice of the doctors. Moreover treatment facility is available in all the district hospitals and medical colleges.
Principal Secretary Urban Administration Shri Malay Shrivastava, Principal Secretary to CM Shri S.K. Mishra, Secretary to CM Shri Vivek Agrawal, Commissioner Public Health Smt. Pallavi Jain Govil, Secretary Medical Education Shri Shivshekhar Shukla, Additional Secretary to CM Shri B. Chandrashekhar, Director Public Health Dr. K. K. Thassu and other Senior officers of the Health department were present in the meeting.
What is Swine Flu Disease: Swine Flu caused by Influenza ‘A’ (H-1 N1) virus. This virus spread among the human by droplet infection. The virus remains active at hard and solid places from 24 to 48 hours, on clothes and papers from 8 to 12 hours and for 15 minutes on hands.
Symptoms and Treatment of Swine flu: Suspected patients of swine flu have been divided in 3 categories. Under Category “A”, patients suffer from common cold-cough, mild temperature, vomiting, dysentery and body pain. Administer medicine according to these symptoms. Give advice to the patients to remain at home and not to visit the public places. Keep patient under monitoring for 24 to 48 hours. Consult doctors in absence of comfort. Keep distance from high risk family members at home.
Under Category “B” patients suffer from vomiting, dysentery, body ache with high fever and breathlessness. Treatment- Give Temiflu and patients are being advice to take rest at home. Advice the patients not to visit the public places. Keep distance from high risk family members. Keep patient under observation for 24 to 48 hours and consult doctor in absence of comfort.
Under Category “C” beside symptoms of ‘A’ and ‘B’ category patient, breathlessness, chest pain, blood during coughing, nails become turning blue etc. are the symptoms of the patient. Resentment in behavior and food rejection are symptoms in children. Such patients are required to be admitted in the isolation ward of the hospital and are required to receive temiflu treatment besides treatment according to the disease. Oxygen therapy and ventilator are required for patients which have oxygen saturation less than 90 percent. From these kind of patients throat swab is taken and sent to the laboratory for swine flu test. Family members who are taking care of the patient or come in the contact of the patient must use protection kit.
Measures for Prevention from Swine Flu:  Use handkerchief and tissue paper in case of cold and cough, Dispose of tissue paper in the dustbin. Always keep one meter distance from the person suffering from cough . Cover mouth while coughing. Wash hands with soap thoroughly before touching eyes, nose and mouth. Avoid going to public places like cinema hall, haat and bazaar. Take balanced and nutritious diet. Consume more liquid substance. Avoid tension. Do not send children to school/college/aaganbadi in case of symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat and breathlessness. Consult doctor immediately and take treatment after the advice.



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