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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Near fatal asthma is preventable



Assessing patient risk for fatal asthma exacerbation is important because many, if not most, asthma-related deaths are preventable if risk factors are recognized and addressed early,  said Padma Shri & Dr. B.C. Roy National Awardee, Dr. KK Aggarwal, President, Heart Care Foundation of India..

Major risk factors


1.    Recent history of poorly controlled asthma (increases in dyspnea and wheezing, frequency of night time awakenings, use of asthma inhalers and increased day night variability in peak expiratory flow rate)

2.     Prior history of near-fatal asthma requiring ventilator or ICU admission

Minor risk factors

1.    Pet related allergens

2.     Aspirin-induced asthma

3.     Exercise induced asthma

4.     Cocaine and heroin induced asthma

5.     Asthma linked to menstruation

6.     Respiratory viruses related asthma.

7.     Current smokes

8.     Long duration of asthma

9.     Systemic steroids dependence

10.   Non-adherence to therapy

11.   Poor asthma control

12.   Psychosocial problems and less adaptive personality

13.   Delay in obtaining medical care

14.   Older age

15.    Allergy history in the family



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