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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

# NDMC's Neki ki Deewar : The wall is for donating woollen clothes, blankets and other useful items for needy people

NDMC's " Neki ki Deewar"  donates woollen cloths and blankets to needy people

New Delhi,

Under the citizen engagement of the forthcoming Swach Sarvekshan 2021 survey, citizen participation is one of the crucial components of this survey. In an effort to strengthen this component further, New Delhi Municipal Council has organised a unique initiative of distribution of woollen clothes, blankets, sheets, pillows covers etc to the needy people led by the residents of NDMC at "Neki ki Deewar", East Kidwai Nagar.

On this occasion, pocket sanitizer bottles of 100 ml and face mask were also distributed as an anti covid19 measures by MOH - NDMC, Dr Ramesh Kumar, area CMO - Dr Gunjan Sahay and representatives of Residential Welfare Association ( RWAs ) and Market Traders Association ( MTAs ) of East Kidwai Nagar area.

This was the third program under the citizen initiative. Masks, cloths, sanitizers, woollen blankets,  sheets and pillows cover were donated by the MTAs & the RWAs of East Kidwai Nagar area, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society and officers/officials of Public Health Department of NDMC.

"Neki ki Deewar" - Neki means a righteous act and Deewar means wall. The wall is for donating woollen clothes, blankets and other useful items for needy people. "Neki ki Deewar" at East Kidwai Nagar is being maintained by NDMC with the association of area RWAs and MTAs where some volunteer from the society hanged their household clothes, woollen dresses, blankets, sheets and other items for donating to needy people. This innovative initiative led by the citizen and their contribution will help in the overall reduction of the municipal’s solid waste.

Outlining the importance of citizen engagement and their participation to the resident and shopkeeps of East Kidwai Nagar area. Dr Ramesh Kumar informed about the various indicators and parameters of citizens engagement for forthcoming Swachhta Sarvekshan 2021. He also informed that NDMC is carrying out Digital & social media campaigns and promotional activities as part of Swachhta Sarvekshan survey indicators which will help citizens to enhance their understanding about Swachh Survekshan and the role they can play in helping NDMC to achieve the first rank in the upcoming Swachhta Sarvekshan 2021.



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