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Thursday, December 9th, 2021

NDMC will compensate of Rs.15 lacs in case of death of  its any employee due to COVID-19 attributable to duty

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New Delhi,

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has decided to provide compensation of Rs. 15 lacs in case of death of any such employee (including regular, contractual, RMR, TMR, outsourced wagers etc.)  who are working in close proximity of COVID-19 and /or exposed to the danger of contacting the COVID-19 disease.

NDMC is providing all municipal services to its residents and important offices, buildings of central government as well as diplomatic missions in their jurisdiction during lockdown period. NDMC is also simultaneously fighting vigorously to contain the spread of  COVID-19 in its area through its all type of employee like regular,  contractual, RMR, TMR, outsourced wagers etc.

Though NDMC is adopting all measures to safeguard and protect its employees / workers from COVID -19, however it has been felt necessary to assure financial help to their family members in case of death due to COVID-19 attributable to duty, so that such workers are able to serve NDMC in such difficult times.

This compensation will be available to all eligible cases for a period of 3 months from the date of issue of the order. This being a     temporary measures, no age limit is prescribed if fulfilling  the criteria for engagement with NDMC. A sum of Rs.15 lacs will be paid to the legal heir of the deceased. This will not cover those not attending duties and the death from COVID-19 cannot be established to be attributable to duty.

The claim for the compensation will be submitted by legal heir of the deceased through Head of the concerned Department duly verified with all required information to Welfare Department  for obtaining approval of the Chairman,  NDMC and further processing the case for releasing the payment by the Accounts Department.

In case of outsourced workers,  the claim will be submitted by the concessionaire after verifying the credentials of worker and his/her family members to HoD concerned who will scrutinised and process the claim and forward it to the welfare department.

All such cases will be screened by a committe comprising of Director ( MS ), Director (Finance) and concerned  HOD with Director ( Welfare ) of NDMC.



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