Saturday, February 29th, 2020

NDMC turns Janpath subway into the Art Gallery on the eve of Independence day

Triumph of Masterworks : Our National Pride” - A group Art Exhibition inaugurates   


New Delhi , “Celebrating 72st Independence Day means to celebrate our progress and advancement in every aspect of our living life and notion. Art is an all embracing notion that plays significant role in development of human mind. Artists offer diverse range of creative impression reflecting the original state of growth and enrichment of a developing country. Organizing such type of art event as a part of celebrating independence, featuring creative achievement by the artists represents the idea of rising India, expanding India and attaining India.” This was remarked by Director(Public Relations and Event Management), New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), Shri Amin Ahmed Tazir after inaugurating the a Group Art Exhibition entitled – “Triumph of Masterworks : Our National Pride” on the eve of 72nd Independence Day. As many as 38 contemporary artists, art students not only from across the India but also specially four artists from the South-West Asia are participating with their creatives in the exhibition. The exhibition is organizing by New Delhi Municipal Council with aiming to promoting art and culture in the open space at Janpath Subway of Connaught Place outer circle from 10th August to 27th August 2018 for general public. Speaking on the occasion, the Shri Kishore Labor, Organiser and Curator said that “Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride”  presents 38 contemporary artists from India, who are effectively exploring various methods, materials and techniques for year after year, producing distinctive artworks and regularly showcasing their experimental outcome in a range of forms like drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and many more.



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