Saturday, July 4th, 2020

NDMC organize lecture by Brahama Kumaris to ease stress for its employees

Jute bags distributed among morning walkers at Nehru Park under Say No To Single Plastic Use.


New Delhi,  

With the aim to make the employees stress free and develop self confidence in discharging their duties, the New Delhi Municipal Council has organized a lecture programme at Convention Center of Palika Kendra, addressed by spokespersons of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalya today.

        Secretary NDMC Dr. Rashmi Singh informed that this lecture is organized primarily on understanding the self, its inner sources and strength and developing attitudes of leadership and the highest level of personal integrity. Such types of curriculums have its own significance and importance for any organization in respect of maintaining work life balance and positive psychology of the employees of their institutions, she added.

Earlier in the morning, the team NDMC including the Secretary participated in the Swachhta Pukhwada Drive with the morning walkers and general public at Nehru Park in New Delhi today.

 Underlining the bad effects of single use of plastic, the Secretary said that it had post the great threat to the human beings and the contaminates from plastic are not only harmful to the human and animals but hazardous to eco-system, as well.

So, it has become our responsibility to get rid of the deadly contaminates from plastic by taking vow no to use single plastic in our day to day life, she added.

The owl warehouse, an organization distributed the alternative of plastic bags and washable and such types of bag would be made available at safals, kirana shops, mother dairies, kendriya bhandars and metro stations in order to promote and popularize the alternative of plastic bags.



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