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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

NDMC launches an extensive disinfection drive

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New Delhi,  

In view of the some employees are reported COVID-19 Positive, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has decided to launched an extensive sanitization drive in all its Commercial Bulidings including its headquater -Palika Kendra shall be taken by Civil Engineering Department.

In this drive disinfection of rooms in NDMC Commercial Bulidings from where a COVID positive case is reported will also be included.

Sanitization of all NDMC office premises other than NDMC's Commerical Buildings would be done and undertaken by the Public Health Department of NDMC.

In all NDMC offices other than those located in Commerical Bulildings and from where COVID-19 positive cases are reported, the concerned Head of the Department would  intimate the Public Health Department who shall get intensive disinfection of the such office premisses, done immediately.

The particular room, which belong to the Employee who was reported COVID- 19 positive would be remain close for the day of disinfection.

To improve the sanitization in Palika Kendra, Civil Engineering Department is ensuring sanitization of each floor and rooms, atleast 3 times daily before 9 a.m during lunch hours and before closing of rooms.

NDMC Electrical department ensure that lifts in Palika Kendra are being sanitized every 2 hour.The General Administration Department of NDMC has been directed to issue sanitizers for all department in Palika Kendra.



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