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Thursday, July 29th, 2021

NDMC enhances Health License fees for the Year

New Delhi,

 Annual increase in the health license fee for grant / renewal of various trades licenses for carrying out the business activities like hotels, restaurants, coffee shops,  lodging houses, sweet shops and small stalls / kiosks selling daily eatable items, etc. in New Delhi Municipal Council (  NDMC ) area has been effected with effect from 1st April, 2021, as mandated by Council's decision of 23rd August, 2018.

Under the decision, there would not be any increase for small Kiosks/stalls, Mother Diary booths, water trolleys etc. In rest of the categories also, the increase in amount minimal from Rs 100/- to 1700/- annually except in case of 5-Star Hotels.

 NDMC would process around 200 cases for health license for this year. Out of these cases, there would be no increase in health license fee for 25% cases, which cover all small shops, stalls, water trolleys etc.

 In 40% cases, there would be an increase of Rs 400/-,  30% cases would have increase of Rs 900/- , 2% cases have Rs 100 and 1% cases covering Five Star Hotels etc. would have increase of Rs 4300/- per case per annum.



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