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“New Delhi Municipal Council intends to enhance the special status among all Urban Local Bodies in India and become a benchmark among other local bodies globally. NDMC is striving to enhance its own service levels to add to public satisfaction. NDMC also intends to imbibe the sustainable development goals prescribed by UNDP in its overall objectives and continue to work for them.”

This was announced by Chairman- NDMC, Shri Dharmendra while addressing the Press Conference after presentation of NDMC Budget 2020-21 today at NDMC Convention Centre, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi.The Chairman-NDMC presented the financial projection of the total receipts of the Budget Estimates (BE) 2020-21 at Rs. 4372.40 crore against Rs.4234.59 crore provided in Revised Estimate (RE) 2019-20. The actual receipts in 2018-19 were Rs.3976.32 crore. The BE 2020-21 for the revenue receipts are Rs.3719.65 crore against Rs.3606.89 crore provided in RE 2019-20  and actual of Rs.3322.72 crore in 2018-19. The BE 2020-21 for capital receipts are Rs.652.75 crore against Rs.627.70 crore provided in RE 2019-20 and actual of Rs.653.60 crore in 2018-19.

The total expenditure for BE 2020-21 are Rs.4017.24 crore against Rs.3960.20 crore provided in RE 2019-20 and actual of Rs.3359.93 crore in 2018-19. The BE for revenue expenditure in 2020-21 are Rs.3587.53 crore against Rs.3492.14 crore provided in RE 2019-20 and actual of Rs.3152.07 crore in 2018-19. The capital expenditure is projected at Rs.429.71 crore in BE 2020-21 against Rs.468.06 crore in RE 2019-20 and actual of Rs.207.86 crore in 2018-19.

Thereafter, explaining the highlights of proposed plans and projection for year 2020-21, he said that :-

NDMC has already taken several information technology based initiatives like NDMC311 Mobile App, QR Code based Response mechanism system for public toilets, networking in Palika Kendra, online bill tracking system and in the coming financial year NDMC proposed Geo-fence based single sign on system, expanding the dynamic GIS portal system in different layers, implementation of e-Office, artificial intelligence based chat-bot-facility and establishment of disaster recovery site for IT applications.

NDMC developed a QR code based tree information system for 100 trees in Lodhi Garden and now NDMC is going to include 4000 more types of tree under this scheme. Under unique smart address addressing solution more than 52822 digital door numbers have been created and work is likely to be completed by March-2020. NDMC will completely shift to e-Office System in first quarter of financial year 2020-21.

Integrated Command and Control System established by NDMC to integrate 30 services will become nodal point of availability of all online data and information related to smart services which can be monitored on real-time basis and necessary action can be taken. This is likely to be made live by March 2020 and will be completed by June 2020.

Keeping in view the public appreciation and participation in Public Bike Sharing System(PBS), the NDMC is going to introduce Smart e-scooter system in NDMC area and the first phase will be completed by June 2020.

Construction of smart bins which will provide real time data of present level of filling to command Centre and would send alerts on Mobile phone to manage / clean them. Concept plan for digital public art gallery is underway and the work will be started in financial year 2020-21.

RFP for Smart Bus-Q-Shelters for 20 more locations, having various facilities such as water ATM, digital interactive panels and panic button, under PPP Model is under process and the work would be executed in 2020-21.

To provide exclusive Public Toilet for women in Delhi, NDMC has identified

sites/ locations for 10 pink smart toilets to be made in 2020-21.

Open gyms are also proposed for installation in NDMC secondary and senior secondary schools where not available, in financial year 2020-21. Project for 60 Rain Water Harvesting Pits in consultation with CGWB in NDMC area is at advance stage of tendering. The work is likely to be completed in 2020-21.

18 bulk water meters on all inlet water lines from DJB to various reservoir of NDMC area resulting in 15.53% saving on water bills have been installed and running successfully.

Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) based on Phytoid technology is running successfully at NP girls Sr. Sec Schools, Gole market in consultation with CSIR-NEERI. NDMC proposed to take up 4 more such projects in schools and other suitable locations.

Multistory commercial complex at Akbar Bhawan is likely to be started in 2020-21. Preparation of Basket Ball, Volley Ball and other Playing courts in NDMC Schools to be completed by March 2020.

Redevelopment, school of Lodhi Colony will School of Excellence to be stated in 2020-21

NDMC has identified 13 Nos. NDMC Buildings where roof top rain water harvesting can be done, for which proposal has been initiated and will be completed in 2020-21.

Out of 82 identified libraries, the work on 8 Palika Joyful Libraries has already been completed and the remaining will be completed in FY 2020-21

Construction of Skill Development Centre at Moti Bagh, JPN Library at Mandir Marg and Additional Block at Indira Niketan Working Girls Hostel is in progress and likely to be completed in 2020-21.

Redevelopment of Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra, P.K. Road, New Delhi is a composite work of Civil, Electric and Fire Departments and will be completed in FY 2020-21. Besides continuing earlier activities, as an expansion, it is proposed to establish a Modern Library and Digital Museum /Gallery on Mahatma Gandhi in this Kendra.


NDMC has already taken up the National LED program launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to convert the existing lightings/equipments with LED based lightings and energy efficient equipments have been replaced. NDMC has installed 95 nos solar light poles at prominent roundabouts.

NDMC has already established 55 charging stations of 15KW capacity, now NDMC proposes setting-up of 100 more fast public e-charging stations in NDMC area with higher capacity (150KW) and can charge 3 vehicles at the same time at three times faster speed.

       NDMC proposes to setup a pulmonary function test lab, Sleep Laboratory, new Female Respiratory Ward, Video Conferencing system, C-ARM facility and Cath Lab   in Charka Palika Hospital in financial year 2020-21.

     NDMC plans to remove roadsides garbage iron bin trolleys in phased manner to make NDMC bin free City.  

     Out of 4 Organic Waste Convertor, two have already been installed at Madhu Limay Marg and Raja Bazar.  Rest Two are in process and to be installed at Bharti Nagar and Sangli Mess.  NDMC proposed to install 17 more Organic Waste Convertors in residential colonies thereby removing the need of transportation of organic waste from residential colonies to Okhla waste processing plant.

On the basis of the feedback received from parents, it was proposed to introduce Smart Classes in Primary Sections of NDMC/Navyug schools in the year 2019-20. The process in this regard has already been initiated and the primary sections of NDMC and Navyug Schools will be equipped with the latest Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) based Smart Classes in the session 2020-21.

Tablet based Wi-Fi enabled classrooms will be set up in each of Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools in the year 2020-21. Ndmc proposed to provide a fiber based internet connectivity of appropriate band width in all NDMC & Navyug schools in the year 2020-21.

The process for setting up four more Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) through the fund received from NITI Ayog is under process and will be completed by March 2020 and it is proposed that in the session 2020-2021 Palika Tinkering labs will be set up in remaining 18 Secondary and Sr secondary NDMC and Navyug Schools.

In order to further augment the security of the campuses, NDMC proposed to install Panic Buttons in all NDMC schools along with CCTV cameras in open areas in the year 2020‑21.

NDMC proposed to set up 3 more kitchens in NDMC Schools to supply and serve freshly cooked hot mid day meal to remaining students of 42 schools.

Under the ‘Seema Darshan’ – a unique initiative being taken up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, in which school children visit the border areas of our country and present before our soldiers and troops an array of performances showcasing the tradition and culture of our country through traditional songs and dances, 45 students and 5 teachers from different NDMC and Navyug schools participated in the program in 2019-20. NDMC proposed that in the year 2020-2021 also students and teachers from NDMC and Navyug schools will participate in this program.

        NDMC proposes to form Cycling Clubs in its 5 schools in financial year 2020-21. Each of the schools will be provided 20 Cycles for forming the club. The NDMC School cycling club will be used to spread messages about the Fit India and other social messages in neighborhood areas of the school.

to mitigate the Air and Dust Pollution it is proposed to undertake the intensive plantation of shrubs and grassing to cover all left over open soil surface/kuccha portion in all avenues and lanes in NDMC area and proposed plantation of 5000 trees and 5 lakh shrubs.  

It is proposed to beautify 50 acres area of NDMC colony parks and 50 acres of CPWD colony parks in FY 2020-21.

NDMC proposed approximately 20 MT green wastes will be processed per day and converted to compost for horticultural purposes.  This will reduce the carbon footprint caused by the transportation of the waste from NDMC area to dumping site in FY 2020-21.

Under skill india initiative the school of Gardening of NDMC will also introduce Certificate course(s) to provide expertise in various fields of Urban Gardening from FY2020-21.

It is proposed to start Palika Garden Centre to facilitate easy availability of garden input on nominal prices to the public for gardening in their house, balcony and backyards etc. achieve more green, clean and healthy environment in NDMC area as well as in other parts of Delhi with an objective to make it self-sustainable.

     Ndmc proposed to make available untied funds of Rs. 10.00 crore for the Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Market Trade Associations (MTAs) of the NDMC area with an objective to provide scope for local initiative and flexibility for local action by the RWAs/ MTAs.

NDMC proposed to enhance its disaster preparedness and come up with comprehensive implementation plan and create necessary mitigation mechanism including infrastructure as required and accordingly allocate Rs.10.00 Crore for this in FY 2020-21

NDMC till now has carried out annual health check up diagnosis and treatments of all its Safai Sewaks above 40 years of age. in this budget it is proposed that Safai Sewaks above 30 years of age and all NDMC employees above 40 years age will be covered under this annual health check programme from FY 2020-21.

Under the Cultural Heritage initiatives NDMC proposed establishment of some hotspots in area where street food will be made available in hygienic and healthy environment through customized kiosks for the purpose alongwith weekly cultural events.

The Chairman, NDMC explained the detail of receipts in NDMC Budget that the total revenue receipts from Electricity Distribution have been projected in RE 2019-20 at Rs.1411.40 crore as against actuals Rs.1335.76 crore in the year 2018-19.  The projections for BE 2020-21 are at Rs.1445.10  crore. On the other hand NDMC is expecting to collect property tax of Rs.700 Crore in 2019-20. In financial year 2020-21, NDMC plans to collect Rs. 720 crore Property Tax. NDMC Budget do not propose any increase in Property Tax rates for the year 2020-21.

While, the actual receipts in 2018-19 for Licence Fee from municipal Properties stood at Rs.485.40 Crore, the projection for RE 2019-20 is Rs.599.59 crore and BE 2020-21 is Rs.639.94 crore.

The Chairman-NDMC thanked all, especially Safai Sewaks, Mallies, Beldars and Linemen for their relentless services to the cause of making New Delhi area clean, green and an aspirational city to live.


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