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Friday, June 25th, 2021

NDMC and Department of Telecommunications organize an Awareness Workshop to dispel myths about Cell phone and Tower radiations


New Delhi , New Delhi, July 21, 2018. “Large number of scientific evidence are available in public domain do not support any harmful affect on human body by electromagnetic field radiation of cell phone or its towers. The radiation norms in India are well below the safe limits prescribed by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and World Health Organization.” This was remarked by the Director General (Telecom), Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, Shri Sunil Kumar in a Joint Awareness Workshop on “EMF Emission and Telecom Towers” organized by New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and Department of Telecommunications, Government of India at NDMC Convention Centre, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi today. Shri Sunil Kumar while explaining the importance of telecommunications services said that these are the backbone of economic development and citizen empowerment in every country. Mobile services are a necessity for service delivery and success of key government initiatives. He stressed upon the cultivation of scientific temper and deep collaboration between public, government and industry for healthy and better growth of nation by telecom services. On the occasion, Secretary cum Financial Advisor - NDMC,    Ms. Geetali Tare said that every day our civic body his receiving many requests from the citizens to remove the mobile tower from their nearby area but on the other hand people also complaint to the for call drop, slow data facility and network lapses. These are two contradictory things prevailed in our society due to the mis-conception without any scientific evidence about the telecom towers radiations. “With the aim to dispel myths about electromagnetic field emissions and quell unfounded fear of citizen through the scientific evidence, NDMC and Department of Telecommunications has organized this public outreach programme for the Residence Welfare Associations (RWAs), Market Traders Associations (MTAs) and also officials of civic bodies” with Telecom Department, informed by the Ms. Geetali Tare. Dr. Anusheel Munshi, Head of the Department, Radiation Oncology, Manipal Hospital, Delhi said that available data shows that the four time risk of accident while driving, as compared to using cell phone but people only question about the radiation of telecom towers without any study. He referred to the EMF project established by WHO in which over 50 national authorities and 8 international authorities are involved and reviewed over 25000 articles in which found that no link of mobile tower EMF emission and any adverse impact on human health. He concluded with that at present there is no firm scientific evidence to implicate cell phone or towers for creating tumor or other health hazard. Dr.Vivek Tondon, Associate Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, AIIMS, Delhi said that highest number of research are conducted on the subject of Mobile phone and tower radiation and human health in the World, thereafter World Health Organization has been listed the cell phone radiation in the Carcinogen 2B category, it means more evidence needed to be declare as harmful for human body. He also referred the latest research as scientific evidence for no link between the sleep, infertility, hearing, cognition and brain blood flow dis-order in human body and radiation of cell phone or its towers. Shri Shivendra Bhatnagar, Sr.Deputy Director General and Dr. R.M.Chaturvedi, DDG (Telecom), Department of Telecommunications, Government of India also addressed the gathering about the queries regarding cell or cell towers mis-conception. Shri B.S.Bhati, Member-NDMC while presenting their vote of thanks said that the awareness workshop was very informative and eye opener. He said that the towers in Delhi NCR area are safe and Telecommunications Department fully committed and equipped to ensure compliance of guidelines designed for safeguarding our citizens.



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