Nawaz Sharif said : India are not responsible for the bad condition of Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif with Narendra Modi
Nawaz Sharif with Narendra Modi

Lahore :  Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has said that India, Afghanistan or America are not responsible for the bad condition of Pakistan. Pakistan has shot itself in the foot. At a function of his party PML-N in Lahore, Nawaz said – The army rigged the 2018 elections and imposed a government on the country. This government became the reason for the problems of the citizens and the economic condition of the country is in decline.

Nawaz Sharif said that the judges of the country welcome the military dictators by garlanding them when they break the law. Justifies their decisions. After this, at the behest of the same dictators, the Prime Minister is removed from the post. In the court, the judge gives the decision to dissolve the Parliament.

Nawaz further said that one morning I was the Prime Minister and then by the evening I was declared a hijacker. Similarly, in 2017, I was held guilty and removed from my post for not taking salary from my son. Nawaz, without taking his name, taunted Imran Khan and said – The army took this decision because it wanted to bring a person of its choice to power. Nawaz held Pakistan’s former ISI chief General Faiz Hamid responsible for his ouster from power in 2017.


Nawaz said that Faiz and many other people had said that if Nawaz came out of jail, his 2 years of hard work would be wasted. Now a case has been opened against those people in the Supreme Court. The former Prime Minister further said that I had said about the Kargil plan that it is not right. On this, the then Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf got me fired. Later my point was proved correct. Our government had worked in every field. During my tenure, two Prime Ministers of India, Vajpayee and Modi, had come to Pakistan.


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