National BJP Leader Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal wasting no time and steam too come back heavily on Navjot Sidhu’s yet another humiliating remarks on the very honor of the highest authority of the Country as the Man No one  in Command  at the Centre.  And that too such insinuating statements that Narendra Modi is like a newly wed bride who doesn’t work all that much at home but the hue and cry she makes the world outside comes to know that she is awfully busy. In reality Navjot Sidhu is like a newly wed bride who got married in India but had his honeymoon with Imran Khan and General Qamar Javed Bajwa in Pakistan. Right Sidhu he according to you hasn’t done a thing but remember the world knows what he is doing agreed. Okay coming to the point straight away when Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan you wasted no time and went all the way to Pakistan while you were the Cabinet Minister Govt of Punjab going by the Ministerial protocol and Constitutional parameters and law bindings Grewal assumed he surely must have take prior permission from the Ministry of External Affairs and also taken prior consent of your Chief Minister I guess so. If not taking law by the books you can be reprimanded and your Political career be blacklisted and finished I must say. This remarks is no game of cricket that you can call an in swinger an out swinger  or call a third umpire for an Lbw or a run out because that idiot is not sure of what must have happened there in the middle or don’t you think he too was either bought by the batting side to announce him not out or declare him having reached the crease. Sidhu this tat amounts to defamation remember I as the National leader and close confidant of Modi am by profession a lawyer let that be understood I am quite but remember Sabar ka pyala kab tuk na chalkey gaa chalak gaya to too kahan yeh bataa. Or what happened to that trauma that killed thousands i must say if not hundreds at that Dusshera and fire mishap. Agreed you were out of the country getting business tieups and reshaping Punjab Tourism but then after that its been a year now any step any quizzing the Indian Railways on how come or the local bodies hauled up your constituency Sidhu not Grewal’s . Right India’s one of the most renowned openers. National Secretary BJP Kisan Morcha and Prabhari Jammu and Kashmir Grewal said that We at BJP with all the trust in Modi’s able leadership and going by the trend of the increase in the current turnout are confident of the results and we are more than confident from mere 60 with celebrities like your caliber where shall Congress skittle to single figure we do hope so. Watch out congress the elections and the results of that fever that has gripped the nation is indeed very short lived but then the hate not BJP but Congress is spreading will live in our hearts and that shall go a long way in the corridors of life. Any withdrawal symptoms of obnoxious outbursts by the Congress the Election commission.


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