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New Delhi ,
Tilak Jain (59), a resident of Rohtak, Haryana was unable to walk with ease during the first ten minutes of his morning walk. He felt discomfort while doing other physical activities too. On performing certain tests, blockages from 90-95 percent had been identified in three of his coronary arteries. Therefore, Jain was suggested to undergo Angiography, followed by a Bypass surgery, as doctors diagnosed 85-90 percent blockages in his three arteries. Though Jain was not convinced by the cardiologist’s advice, under his family pressure he eventually agreed to undergo bypass surgery.

But, just when Jain thought his life was back on the track, as he could go for his daily walks without any discomfort or pain, he again felt congestion in his heart. “Post surgery I followed the cardiologist’s advice and the medicines they prescribed. But one morning, almost after a month, I felt congestion in my heart after 2 minutes of walking,” explains Jain who was not familiar with alternative therapies for heart disease until then. “The doctors again performed certain tests and found out that all my grafts were blocked to the extent of 100 per cent. In short, my bypass surgery had failed. Therefore, within a span of four months of my surgery, I was advised to undergo a multiple stent angioplasty,” reveals Jain.

Jain had almost given up on his medical condition when one of his family friends suggested him to consult his case with Dr Bimal Chhajer of SAAOL (Science and Art of Living) Heart Care Centre. “After I met Dr Bimal, I was really convinced by his advice and the way handled my case. Later, as I joined SAAOL’s comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation and reversal program, I felt better than I had in years. In span of two months I felt so much better, especially after I adopted lifestyle the SAAOL Way: zero oil cooking, yoga and meditation,” adds Jain.


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