National Women’s Party launches unit in Madhya Pradesh



Reiterating its commitment to creating equitable representation for women in electoral politics and aiming to achieve sustainable growth and development of women, the National Women’s Party (NWP) has set out on a countrywide expansion program. Outlining its agenda to remove gender gaps in civic and national political bodies and create a robust ecosystem for empowering women from all strata of society, the NWP launched its unit in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on February 7.

“It is a general observation that political parties do not practice what they preach. A deeply embedded patriarchal mindset has ensured that women continue to be relegated to the sidelines of the political spectrum. We have set up NWP with the aim of creating a women-centric narrative in Indian politics and roll out Pan-India initiatives to ensure that women form a key part of all political processes and decision-making,” stated Dr. Swetha Shetty,M.B.B.S, Chairperson, National Women’s Party.

“Though Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest states in India today, the percentage of elected women representatives to the total number of candidates in different elections over the years has continued to be abysmal.  It is high time that women became aware of their political rights and NWP intends to provide a powerful platform for like-minded women to realize their political aspirations and become change agents in attaining the broader goal of women empowerment,” added Dr. Shetty

NWP is also in plans to start Youth Parliaments (political schools for women) across all states to provide practical and academic training to women to make them politically enlightened and encourage their increased involvement in the national political process.


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