As infrastructure and real-estate demand proliferate in the country, precast concrete is helping build housing societies stronger and faster


New Delhi,  

A study by the United Nations states that India is home to 5 megacities, each with over 10 million inhabitants. With growing economy, expeditiously changing lifestyle and rapid spurt of urbanization, urban housing shortage in metro cities is a major concern for the city dwellers. The upcoming series on National Geographic ‘Casting Future’ focuses on precast concrete, a cost-efficient and fast building technology for large housing projects, without compromising on quality.

Premiering on 1st September, the upcoming documentary will lift the lid on the production processes involved in precast concrete. The film is based on a study of an under construction housing project of BCC Infrastructures which have been using ‘German Precast Technology’ in Delhi NCR in their construction projects. National Geographic has featured/interviewed the international experts of the project who during the show will unfold the current scenarios in global technology and how precast concrete is changing the way we construct in India.

Precast concrete is a smart way to build any form of building – safe as well as affordable. It is one of the most commonly used resource-efficient ways to build, which ensures fast construction period, high profitability and excellent quality, overall keeping requirements for beautiful, modern buildings intact. It also means transfer of work from sites to factories which not only results in improved productivity and quality of a project but also reduces the construction costs, considerably.

True to its name, the film ‘Casting Future’ on precast concrete technology is a revolutionary step in building modern India. Catch the premiere on 1st September only on National Geographic.


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