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A combative Narendra Modi attacked the Congress over a range of issues at a rally in Delhi today, attended by over a lakh people. While he did not name Rahul Gandhi, Mr Modi kept referring to the Congress vice president and said his remarks over ordinance on tainted politicians had diminished the office of the Prime Minister. There were few very interesting remarks and comments made by Narendra Modi in his Delhi rally, our sources have picked them for our readers. Delhi is burdened by governments. Here, there are governments within governments – one of the mother, one of the son. Today UPA in Delhi is a coalition government which is close but doesn’t work together.Other than ribbon cutting and blame game, the Delhi Chief Minister has nothing much to do. During the gang-rape incident, she said, being a mother I advise girls to return home early. Is she not responsible? Does she not have duties towards this? Delhi Chief Ministers are not accountable for what they do neither are they responsible. All they do is play the blame game.The Commonwealth Games scam has robbed India of its sportsman spirit. Supreme Court keeps summoning Indian government on corruption cases but the Delhi politicians, Congress and its allies are addicted like an alcoholic. This UPA govt is immersed in Gandhi-bhakti. This Gandhi-bhakti refers to currency notes. This government is so corrupt that you can’t count the money, you have to weigh it. More than 60 years after Independence, smaller countries are doing better than us. We are regressing instead of progressing. People don’t have electricity in this capital city. Even the Prime Minister’s house has generators. The PM was prostrating himself in front of Obama – marketing India’s poverty. He should have stood tall and said we are a young country – what a shame. This poverty you speak of Mr PM, is it a state of mind? That is the way the shahzada (prince) defined it. How dare Nawaz Sharif call India’s Prime Minister a village woman? India is a country of 1.2 billion people, we will never tolerate this. Where does Nawaz Sharif get such audacity? The PM has no respect within his party, how will he have respect in the world? His own party calls him ‘nonsense’; Congress ke vice President ne PM ki pagdi uchal di hai. I want to ask the UPA government: PM declared that he wanted to work under the shahzada. But I want to ask UPA senior leaders if they want to work in tandem with the Constitution or the shahzada? The country needs a dream team in 2014, not this dirty team.



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