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The very talented and beautiful Sara Ali Khan, B-Town’s new shining star has become everyone’s favourite with her excellent acting skills and her girl-next-door-persona.  Blessed with her mom’s (Amrita Singh) beauty and wittiness, and her dad’s (Saif Ali Khan) intellect, Sara is touted to be the next big thing in Bollywood. While she has been on-a-roll giving hits, appearances, interviews and   earning the ‘candid girl’ tag, she will be next seen on the candid couch of Famously Filmfare Season 2 on Colors Infinity. In a candid chat, the show host Jitesh Pillai will be seen taking her down the memory lane, when Sara at the age of 4 decided to be a star; to today where she has stolen the heart of the people with her performances. The show will bring many interesting anecdotes from the star’s  life, right from her relationship with her parents, to that one person she can fall back on and her opinions about her brother Ibraham.

While her upbeat attitude is often said to have come to her from her mom, Jitesh asked Sara, whether Amrita Singh does the ‘Mummy act’ with her and tells her to behave herself to which Sara said, “Okay, I love you, mom, but you have met her, right? You understand the whole behave yourself filter, Amrita Singh. It is the kind of same problems as Sara. But, Amrita Singh has no filters. Exactly! So what is she going to say to me? For her, it is normal, right? I can say anything and chill. I get it from her.”

She further went on to share how her mother ensures that as a star, Sara is mindful of what she speaks. Sara said,

, “The truth be told, the mother in her wakes up very often. Because suddenly with me, there is this, ‘You can’t do this.’ I could have done it, but you can’t do it. She also has a point. But she was incredibly cool for her time. To be honest, this is something she tells me very often. One could get away with a lot more back then, then you do now.’ Mom could say something and get away with it because 5 people would laugh about it like twice a year. But now, it will be like, headlines. ‘Says wrong thing!’ See, I am being so good. I am not even giving an example of what it could be. But again and again, then everywhere there is this ‘Says wrong things! Says wrong things!’ You don’t want that. You don’t need that, I feel.”

Talk about being outspoken yet politically correct. That’s Sara for everyone and we are sure we all want to keep listening to what she has to say.

Witness this fun and candid conversation with Sara Ali Khan on 27th Dec at 7:30pm on Colors Infinity, Colors Infinity HD, Voot, Mx Player and JioTv


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