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MVJ College of Engineering establishes Robotics and Industrial Automation Laboratory under the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. The “Robotics & Automation Laboratory” at M V Jayaraman College of Engineering was inaugurated by Dr. P S Goel, Formerly secretary, Ministry of earth sciences in the presence of Dr. B N Raghunandan, Professor Dept of Aerospace Engineering IISc Mr. Vasanthakumar Narayan, General Manager at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd., Mr. M J Balachandar, Chairman MVJCE, Dr. Thyagarajan, Director Research MVJCE and Prof. M Brindha, Vice Principal MVJCE. The lab has been set up in collaboration with Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The goal of this lab is to educate the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of robotics so they will get a technically advanced platform to complete their mini projects and also final year projects. The lab is well equipped with all the advanced tools and equipment’s to enable students to implement their ideas and bring them to life. Robotics and automation systems find its application in many domains such as security, surveillance and reconnaissance, planetary exploration, search and rescue, cleanup of hazardous waste, mining, transportation, manufacturing, rehabilitation and service, agricultural industry, biomedical industry, ocean and coastal engineering, and aerospace engineering.

The research activities in this lab focus on a new generation of smart, embedded mechanical and Mechatronics systems. The recent explosion of communications capabilities, coupled with ongoing advances in computing effectiveness and revolutions in miniaturization of processors/ sensors/ actuators, has accelerated the pace of implementing truly distributed smart embedded systems with a variety of emergent applications. It is a very well equipped lab with all the advanced tools and equipment to enable students to implement their ideas and bring them to life. In house trainings can be provided to interested candidates. The ultimate goal is to develop theoretical foundations and gain practical knowledge.


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