The crucial impact: muslim voters in fourth phase of lok sabha elections


Three phases of voting have taken place for the Lok Sabha elections. Now the fourth phase of voting is to be held on May 13. The Muslim community is going to play an important role in the last phase of voting in Madhya Pradesh. Voting is to be held in the 8 Lok Sabha constituencies of Indore and Ujjain divisions, about 72 percent of the total Muslim population of the state resides in these districts. There are many assemblies in these areas, whose victory or defeat is decided with the participation of this community.

Voting will be held on eight seats on May 13 for the last phase of Lok Sabha elections in the state. Voting will be held on eight seats including Dewas, Ujjain, Mandsaur, Ratlam, Dhar, Indore, Khargone and Khandwa. Indore, Ujjain, Dhar, Khandwa, Ratlam and Khargone are such Lok Sabha seats, in which many assemblies are said to be Muslim dominated. Apart from this, there are good numbers of Muslim voters in Dewas and Mandsaur Lok Sabha seats also.

According to the information, the population of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2023 is 8.77 crore. It has 6.57 percent Muslim population, which is approximately 60 lakhs. There are about 50 lakh voters among them. Out of 230 assemblies in Madhya Pradesh, there are about 45 assemblies where there are more than 20 thousand (about 10 percent) Muslim voters. There are more than 70 such areas in the state, where there are 57 percent Muslim voters in the assembly. But, even after the seat is reserved, they play a decisive role in victory and defeat. Like the reserved areas of Nimar Malwa where victory and defeat are by 1000 or 2000. Here this class has always strengthened the victory of Congress. The total Muslim votes in these 33 seats, which are said to be Muslim dominated, are around 15 lakhs, who, despite being 1 to 2 percent of the total voters, make or break the government.

About 70 to 72 percent of the votes of more than 50 lakh Muslim voters of the state are present in Indore and Ujjain divisions. These include Indore 1 and Indore 5, Mhow, Rau, Dhar, Barwani, Khargone, Khandwa, Burhanpur assembly constituencies of Indore division. Similarly, Ujjain, Mandsaur, Neemuch Ratlam, Javra, Shajapur, Shujalpur, Agar Malwa etc. of Ujjain division are included in the Muslim dominated assembly seats. In this context, this community will play a big role in the elections for 8 Lok Sabha seats on May 13.


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