Pinta & Dehal Productions film “2 Nights in soul valley” which is directed by Harish Sharma has released its music under the same production house of Pinta & Dehal Productions. The music of the film “2 Nights in soul valley” is such that it will not just scare you but will be melody to ears as well. The music of the film is given by two ladies; one is Varsha Narayanan who is a singer and composer as also an eye doctor. Varsha has not just sung and composed the songs for the film but has also written the lyrics. Another attraction of the film’s music is English song “Milky way” which is written, sung and composed by England’s singer-actress Milli Moonstone. This song by Moonstone is likely to attract the youth as it is a foot tapping number. Film has overall 6 songs out of which two are remixes. The remix is done by Maneet Malhotra also known as Paul. One remix is that of the title track and another is the remix of instrumental. Both these remixes are sure to find place in pubs and clubs as the fast beat music and the spooky effect adds sparkles to the track.


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