Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

MTPA launches Mauritius Grand Master – Online Training programme for Indian Travel Trade

INVC, Chandigarh, With a view to enhance the product line and expand the destination knowledge base, Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), launches Mauritius Grand Master – Online Training programme for Indian Travel Trade. It is for the first time Mauritius will conduct online training and certificate programme in India. The programme will engage the travel trade through seven online learning modules. MTPA expects to reach out to frontline, sales and travel trade across nation in the first phase of launching the Mauritius Grand Master (MGM). Travel agents can sign up at http://ott.travel/homemauritiusindia.aspx?# for the training programme.
According to MTPA India office, the training programme will have seven modules and participants will have to score a minimum of 80 per cent in each module to proceed to the next level. Participants will get three attempts to clear each module. Once you clear all modules and become a Mauritius Grand Master, certificate will be sent to your registered address.
Speaking about the programme, Dr. Karl Mootoosamy, Director, MTPA said, “Mauritius is a unique destination showcasing an array of beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, world-class hospitality and thrilling adventures activities. The destination has varied product offering for all segment of travellers. The programme will help build, grow and maintain a strong and comprehensive network of Mauritius ‘Travel Specialists’ who can promote Mauritius to attract more visitors. The objective is to make the course fun, informative and easy to understand. The online training programme will enable trade with increased knowledge about the destination and introduce innovative itinerary for Mauritius.”
This programme is customised around the Indian audience and also for the convenience for the agent accessible online. This programme offers the agent flexibility, and can complete it at per his or her convenience. The participation in this programme will provide a number of advantages to the Indian travel trade and enhance agent’s confidence in selling Mauritius.
Thus the primary objective would be to increase awareness and knowledge of Mauritius as a tourist destination among the Indian travel trade. MGM will help boost agent’s base who can sell Mauritius as a destination. It will also provide a vehicle for Mauritius tourism products to access and connect with the front line staff actually dealing with the end consumers increasing network of Indian retails agents.



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