Mr. Obama ! You will have to reconsider these matters


Barack Obama{ Nanubhai Naik }  Mr. Obama ! While receiving the Nobel prize, you have presented your talk, if it is considered worthy for the prize, then let me allow to tell you and all of whomsoever have received the Nobel prize, all of them should return those prizes. You deluded or had given a wrong challenge to your people and the people of the world in the name of newly used words ‘Just War.’ I think, your attempt to win your people in the name of ‘Just War’ is quite opposite to your Gandhian thought.

You had said that you are fighting against terrorism. That war is forced upon you. Mr. Obama! I want to ask, who forced war upon you ? Who is responsible for terrorists to rise? Is there no responsibility of your country and the rulers?

You had said that the leaders of world’s big nations have to worry, when the terrible organisations have nuclear arms. There, my first question is that who produced nuclear arms and who used them first?

You also said that the conflicts in world disturb economical structure and civil defence, and due to that refugees and children also come in a pitiable condition. A question arises here : Who started ‘No.1’ race ? And who had exploitated smaller countries for taking advantage of their minerals, gas etc. resources by different excuses ?

You had said that when American people are in danger, I cannot talk of ideals, but who had kept people of the world in fear ? Who developed the trade of arms of war, fighter aircrafts, armies from ordinary bomb to atom bomb that can burn mankind? And why ? Are the rulers of America not responsible, who deluded them and kept under fear ?

Mr. Obama ! I cannot agree with your views and with the steps you wanted to take. Whom you remember often, Gandhi and Dr. King would not agree with you either. You did not go upto the root of the situation you mentioned or you purposefully ignored it. You should have given its reasons also. In the whole world, rulers of your country have established a domain of fear. Your people have turned to materialistic culture on the suggestions of rulers and corporate world. Making constant big and fake advertistment of materialistic happiness are their instruments and the cause of ruin of young Americans is the corporate world. But as you get election funds from them, so you did not utter a word against them. Your governments were instrumental in breaking America by implementing the law of compulsory joining army and got killed youngsters in wars. The policy of usurping money of the common people by hook or crook was in the root of all these. It was conspiracy of 20 – 25 families and the corporate world. Terrorists only came afterwards. Policies of your governments gave birth to terrorists. If you believe in Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandella or Jesus, then return Nobel prize and say that you are a true follower of Lord Jesus, and you will only come to receive the prize, when you can execute Gandhi’s thoughts. You can declare that because you have seen the poverty and its agonies. You might have done some cunning tricks to get power, but Gandhi still lives somewhere in you. You will be able to make America ‘No.1’ following Gandhian way and able to lead the world towards world humanism.

I want to go in the roots of some of the points you elucidated at the time of accepting the Nobel prize.

You had said that you fight on two fronts, one on homeground and another against terrorism.

You might not have thought as I did about war at the homeground ! First and foremost job of American rulers is to protect people from the terrible condition which was created by

keeping people in delusion. You might have meant war on homefront as improving the situations of dreadful poverty, negligence of blacks in economic, social, educational and political fields resulting in aggresive agitations etc. and to improve their conditions, you have treated the situations as war. But we have to ascertain who was responsible for the war-like situation first. Mainly English, the forefathers of present Americans plundered the natives ‘Red Indians’ by mass slaughtering. Catholics had burnt alive 500 puritans in England. From there fanatism entered in Christianity. White people on strength of their fair skin and on the basis of some scientific inventions, religionism, intelligence, economic conditions of the whole world started to consider themselves best and put the crown on head, owing to diminutive understanding and wisdom.

You said that dangerous organisations have nuclear arms. Mr. Obama, you people produced these nuclear weapons ! You are the people who push the world into wars and are the causes of deaths of crores of people, who diverted so many family life equivalent to hell, people who made 25-50 crore women widows, who had to sell their God-given invaluable thing, i. e. chastity to survive. You and your previous presidents are also responsible for such cruel acts.

Mr. Obama ! you have to beg pardon of suffering people of the world. World is not going to excuse us if we do not hear their death-cries and linking their griefs with Gandhi’s grief. American people were not responsible actually. They did not like war. They only wanted to live happily, but they were tied with the law of compulsory recruitment and forced to fire guns to kill or to get killed themselves. American rulers instigating them to indulge in war to make America number one country in the world; also forced them for exploding bomb-shells, atomic bombs and compelled people to die in poisonous gas and left millions of people to live with sufferings of hell like conditions for ever. Without any intimation, six lac Americans ran away from America. They did not want war, nor to kill anybody, nor to die. They were not of opinion to kill the people with guns and atom bombs, but wished to live peacefully happy life.

Mr. Obama ! I think, Gandhi lives in you. Do what he says. Ask to forgive for the crimes your past rulers had committed. Lord Jesus is very unhappy because your leaders have harassed the world in ambition of becoming leader of the whole world. Jesus will be pleased if you apologise for this and will give you strength to go on Gandhiji’s way.

Seeds of terrorism were sown by the American rulers from the violent thought of leadership in the world. Power-hunger and wealth-hunger had gone beyond limits for white rulers. People died because of starvation. Some terrorist elements took leadership of those starving people and people had to nourish the terrorist groups, because they were harassed by the rulers; firstly by England and secondly by America. So called terrorists started cajoling them by taking the religion as base and that they will get heaven who die in war for religion. Starving people became paid servants of terrorists only for small amount. To quote a recent fact, Ajmal Kasab who got the punishment of strangling for Mumbai blasts of 26 Nov. 2008, was given only sixty thousand rupees in Pakistan. In Afghanistan-Pakistan, starving parents sell their children for one or two lacs of rupees and those innocent children, by their mind-washing, are prepared to die as suicide bombers.

Mr. Obama ! Terrorism about which you indicated, has taken a strong foothold and it cannot be suppressed without armed forces. World would have accepted your story of dual fights, if you had begged pardon of the world on behalf of American people. I believe that would not have damaged your image but would have increased it.

You talked of countries having nuclear arms and confessed that there is no alternative

without ‘Just War.’ You also admitted that peace is not possible with talks only. In such circumstances, it is somewhat true, but efforts should be done of peaceful persuations also. You have to become Gandhi and think to use force only as a last resort. Some matters like Kashmir and Palestine issues and some countries like Iran, Mexico, Gaza strip and N. Korea etc. going fast towards third world war but if you ponder over them, then you will find that the real culprit was America. War-monger America till today play a role of the superpower, one should consider that too. If I remind you of latest development, that the day you made agreement with Russia to nuclear arms-cut, you also launched on the same day a fast-carrying missile without pilot. Hence, You should have remembered that who had produced these atomic weapons including other latest weapons, and who had used those weapons ! You should have apologised for that.

No doubt, your unhappiness is seen in your lecture. But the grief for misdeeds of your predecessors and your people are not seen. The talk of ‘Just War’ was explained not only to me, also Harilal had explained to Gandhiji. Mr. Obama, if you have accepted the fact that rulers of America had created the situation like ‘Just War’, then your image would have been brighter.

You had said, ‘I am commandar-in-chief of such country who is fighting on two fronts. I have come in front of you with a background of a confused condition, in which complex relation between war and peace may get new outcome.’ In addition to that you had said, ‘Now in the world we can see the war in which, the seeds of hatred are sown in group of men. They will disturb economy and civil defence. Refugees and children come into pitiable condition.’ You have also said, ‘You have to start fighting against such elements on personal or collective basis. It is not necessary, but morally it should be acceptable from the global point of view. Those who disturb the civil defence should be taught the lesson. If we don’t reply strongly, they may attack aggressively. If you want to establish peace, you have to fight on front. America will do its duty for global defence accordingly.’

Mr. Obama, If you think in such a way, I fear that you will continue to misrepresent the situation, which has no relation with Gandhian thought. Instead of that, you had told at last ‘It is my final aim of love and non-violence as suggested by Gandhi and Martin Luther King.’ Its importance should be understood. That is the eternal truth and there is no other opinion. So, ‘Firstly there will be war, and thereafter there will be peace’. But I have no confidence for this matter. Violence is must for peace in today’s time. But peace does not come by war. In fact, the first war becomes the mother for the second war. Along with war, you should ensure steps of peace for happiness of 700 crores of people of the world.

Whatever I have told above are not to disgrace you. Even if, you are not responsible in creating terrorism, some starving people are sure to become fanatics. I agree, some are born violent. Some people from their birth are having such violent nature. It would not have been difficult for any country to curb them – I want to say that much. There is no alternative but to accept your talk. But terrorism has spreaded on account of poverty and starvation in the whole world. You have to find solution to eradicate poverty to stop that. Gandhiji had recommended to lift arms against some people for the freedom of world, Mr. Obama, at the time of 2nd world war. The alliance axis was created of friendly nations and the other of enemy nations. Afterwards, though some enemies became friends and vice versa. In anticipation of third world war, there is a slow beginning of creation of axis of friendly nations and the other of enemy nations. If a president of strong nation like you, cannot fathom that, then… alas!

Mr. Obama ! So I request you that winning the trust of entire world, keeping all with you, if you don’t think about some new partyless governance at this time and today, then

hardays are approaching for the entire world. But if you go on singing No. 1 tune for America on the strength of atomic science, then within no time the thing will flare up. We must remember that after division of Russia, their scientists had sold atomic-secrets everywhere. Also Pakistani scientist A. Q. Khan had stolen from Europe the same and had sold to other countries. I remind you the talk of Musharaf who after escaping, has hidden himself in England, when he warned in a threatening voice that if pakistan destroys, then you will definitely be destroyed. There is a report that Pakistan has prepared 100 atomic arms more that India.

We have distributed many prizes for peace, but we have to ponder over twice on how much unrest has been prevalent in the world where prizes for peace are to be disributed; Gentlemen should think about how much unrest is necessary to be created in establishing peace ! Today we have to put some relaxation in the matter of means and goals, but Americans are the root-cause for creating such situation ! So I have to tell that we are the cause for creating such pitiable condition. But forgetting our mistakes, and remembering Gandhiji, we should improve the deteriorated condition by using less violence as far as possible. Mr. Obama, if you try to divert Gandhian thought to wrong path by your proficiency of language and will not take thoughtful action, we have to make you read the ‘Mahabharata’; one of the two great epic poems of the Hindus. In ‘Mahabharata’ including Lord Shree Krishna, Pandavas-Kauravas and entire yadav families were destroyed in the same fashion. If you read some pages of Gandhian thoughts, you will get true path.

If Gandhiji had to take birth again, then he will keep perhaps aside for some time talk of truth, non-violence and honesty. He might have compromised to some extent, then might have recommanded to negociate with terrorists also because actually only 5% – 7% people are the real terrorists; and the rest have become terrorists only to save themselves from terror, to satisfy their hunger and with a view to get salary. They want to live family life with some happiness. They want to live in the society. They want happiness in the form of their family and their society. They don’t want to be ‘number one’ and don’t want supremacy. They only want sources of income. When their basic needs are fulfilled, they can be established with family and society. Gandhiji had tried to do same thing in Noakhali. Jay Prakashji had done same thing in Chambal Valley.

So, Gandhiji surely would have tried negociations first and then only, he might have agreed for least violence.

Mr. Obama, you have not participated personally to create such situation. But when you are remembering Gandhiji frequently and keeping big photograph of Gandhiji in your Oval office, you should beg pardon for decision of war, by adopting partyless governance, you should talk of minimum possible war for permanent solution of all such problems.

I derive one meaning from it that Maoists compelled Orissa government to surrender. Like that on one day they also will compel to surrender the government of the whole world.

But I have to tell one more thing.

Maoists got together 1,500 villagers openly before releasing Krishna, after solving the issues and discussed with them lovingly, explained them the reason for doing so.

M. D. Krishna of Orissa said, ‘The maoists had behaved humbly with me during the period of nine days. During that period they had discussed about poverty of Orrissa, also the problems and solutions of the people of Orissa, the arrogant and emotionless behaviour with the people. He said that such lovely discussion made big change in my thoughts. They have ensured that the fruits of development should reach to the aboriginals of the world. And we know from where terrorists emerge. Accepting this fact, we should improve our behaviour. I dedicate this incident to Mr. Obama.

Your actions to improve your image look childish

Mr. Obama, there is a serious complaint against you. You have changed the interior decoration in your Oval office. You are frequently uttering the name of Gandhiji. But I don’t see any single virtue of Gandhiji in you. Like Martin Luther King, you too had staged procession from Lincoln memorial to Washington costing Rs. 1600 crores. On the same day you had arranged the party costing Rs 800 crores for celebrating your taking over of charge of America. You had told one ridiculous thing in that party that in order to come out from depression, Americans will have to start thrifting. However, you yourself are doing wasteful expendifure, such as to change the colour of wall paint, to change the other furniture and statue of office, to change presidential seal etc. Hearts of depressed Americans got shocked. when a sensitive person like you did such childish thing ! It is shameful on your part to place statues of Gandhiji and Martin Luther king when thousands of Americans cannot get food twice in a day. This is very childish act to improve your image. As per definition of democracy by Lincoln, you are the servant of Americans. Your government is appoined by the people. The average people of America are the boss. American can ask for answer of any mischief played by you. I request so-called disciple of Gandhiji, Martin Luther king and Nelson Mandela; Mr. Obama, that you should beg the pardon of Americans atleast for such matters. It will brighten your image. I still have confidence in your vision and zeal. So I request. However, if you walk on the path of your predecessor only and not able to give draft of partyless governance then you cannot do anything for Americans and the poors of the world.

I request Americans that you – the educated and cultured people of America, come forward to find out new partyless governace accepting own blunders, Because in democracy, people themselves are government as told by your president Lincoln. Indian Supreme Court also told like this.

Mr. Obama, I don’t see any of your fault. You told about your country, after thinking about only America. So you have not understood about what is world-peace and world-humanism. I don’t agree absolutely with your talk on war in order to save America. That is like inviting war. You have told that America has sent armies to various countries and you have defended them. Today also there are your soldiers in 18 countries. You can not bring peace in the world by talking only about America. Though the world has developed very much, despite of that; do you wish that people should fight amongst themselves like aboriginals. I believe, you never wish like this. Please ! do not talk about America only, but also of the entire world. Beg pardon of yourself and after that forgive them all. In this way, if you and your America alone start, the world also will join you gradually. Gandhiji started alone, but afterwards entire carvan had came into existence. In the same way, the whole world will join you slowly and your caravan will come into existence. I am sure that if you think peacefully and properly, you will understand my matter.

I have given some points in this book regarding world’s welfare, about how to reduce violence in present situation at a minimum possible level. Mr. Obama, you are strong, you have seen the agony of blackies, have-nots and destitute, children and women, weak and innocents. So you understand all. If you draw map of world-peace by keeping Gandhiji in your mind, then the aim of world-peace can certainly be achieved by you. We see you as a the gentlemen with foresight. Your country is a strong country, your country is a country of sensitive poets, literaries and artists and that of gentlemen. We request you to go forward for happiness not only of yourself and your country, but for the entire world.

Structure of partyless governance should be arranged after thinking peacefully and discussing with plan how we get that dream related to myself – yourself and that of all sensitive persons

believing in democracy in the world. If we cannot control democracy within 25 years, then 100 years will be less for doing so. Mr. Obama, as you are more experienced, you are able to understand and explain it. In order to help you in your journey towards world-wide humanism, I have presented this matter.

My request is also to my American friends that you have a capable President like Obama. Let us leave aside the discussion of blacks and whites, let us forget the blunders made in the past and let us think from the beginning, start thinking new, and implement it so that the world becomes worth living. Let us construct a new world uniting together, defying the obstructive forces and think about new system. Let us try to give our future generations a world that is worth living.

Mr. Obama ! I request you to keep not only America, but everybody in the world with you. I request Republican party and its President. Mr. Maccain, Mr. Mit Romni who is an opponent of Mr. Obama in next election also to join and other parties also, so that our path becomes easier.

We try strongly to find out the governance that makes the whole world happy, we will get success definitely but it may take time.

I would like to request the people of India to join the process. People of India are also very restless and are in confused state by Goebbelsi propaganda still prevelent in India. And as a result; not hundreds, thousands of capable people have kept mum, becoming frustrated and tired. If a draft of such system is given to them, they are capable enough to execute it with some amendments. There are thousand of people in Gujarat too. At the age of 92, Chunilal Vaidya, a respected activist says that the freedom is incomplete in India and second agitation is necessary. Gujarat is very strong and capable like Gandhiji, it will only ensure the whole world the draft of partyless governance as advocated by Gandhiji and as named by Jay Prakashji.

I request all people of the whole world when today the name of Gandhiji is discussed that we should join it when we have an opportunity by America or by India.… So that as speedily as in a possible pleasant atmosphere the world will be worth living. In this book, I have put 100 years. But if the whole world will join with Obama and Americans then time period will be narrowed down.

I wish ‘Good Luck’ to Mr. Obama, his people and the youths of America, people of India and to the people who join in the march towards real freedom and real democracy. If we try sincerely, history will always remember America, India and the world after Gandhiji.

I essentially want to request some other people also. I want to tell both of you and also to all politicians and all parties of America to come forward to make the draft of governance complete after making amendments – additions so that people can get both happiness and freedom.

… Prof. Richard Folk of Prinston University, New Jercy of America, had said that Gandhian thoughts are the product of Indian culture. He told and added that there is no alternative to see towards India for ‘World peace’ if America joins in it, then America and India can construct the path of world peace.’

(From the book ‘Yes We Can, But Why We Cannot ? And How We Can’ written by Nanubhai Naik in 2009 and published in 2012)

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Nanubhai Naik

Shri Chandrakant Bakshi to whom he has described as his true well wisher and great friend in “Aabhang” that the creator of your poetry collections, Shri NanubhaiNayak holds good interest in literature also.
His initial novels “Pran Jago re” and “Nari Narnu Ramakdu” three editions of which have already been published and in which the impression of pathetic sweet language of Sharadbabu is clearly experienced. “Pran Jago re” is a pathetic sweet creation of social life from Vapi to Tapi.

The language and the symbols he arranged in “Suratna Dhulia Maholla ma” appear new and special through many ways. This social novel flowing with historical references has become very enjoyable because of its spoken words. This kind of novels is found very few in Gujarati.

The renowned advocate of Mumbai Shri Chhelshankar Vyas was an old ascetic of literature and Journalism. As a senior friend of Shri Nanubhai Naik, he came to Surat to proceed the case admitted by Gujarat government against a short story “Kutti” of Shri Chandrakant Bakshi, at that time he read the novel “Tofan” by Shri Nanubhai Naik. His wife said, “He has read very few Gujarati novels. Mainly he reads only English books but he read your “Tofan” novel completely, not only that but he liked it so much that he made many remarks also while reading it. Later he also discussed about the language and symbols of “Tofan”, specially about the glittering thoughts presented in the same.”

“Oh India” written in 1971 is his first novel of Gujarat, discussing about politics. This novel already has been published in Marathi. Renowned writer and journalist Shri Chandrakant Bakshi has admired this novel very much. And specially at the time of visit of Surat, the governor of that time stood in the lift till the red carpet being spread and congratulated for the remark made by the writer.

Besides these his many other novels, collections of satirical articles, collections of short stories etc. have been published.

He has written satirical poems for years in satirical “Sandesh” daily with title “Sanjay Vani” in “Pratap” daily, “BholaBhagat Na Bhakhela” in “Chet Machhandar”, “Kavi Nang Kahe” and in “Nutan Bharat” daily and “Arunoday” weekly “Guru Ghantal Kahe” titles.
Those who ask for original plays, they should see his “Mudita Balaram”. – a worth seeing drama.

From the remarkable folders sent by “SahityaSangam” every Diwali, his satirical poems are admired so much that every now and then “Gujarat Samachar” daily “Sandesh” daily and “Milap”, “NayaMarg” etc. many magazines have published them all. “Sandesh” daily had some times engaged space of three full columns for his poems.

He has written more than two hundreds short stories, satirical articles etc. which already have been published in Prajabandhu, Chandani, NavChetan, Aaram, AkhandAnand, Savita, Kankavati, Padchhaya, Apsara, Chet Machhandar, Chitralekha, AbilGulal, Nutan Bharat, Arunodaya, Sarvodaya etc. magazines. “Sabras” a continued story of child literature was published in “Jansatta” by weekly periodicals.

Inthebooknamed“AacharyaRajnishKayeMarge”hehasmadepostmortemofconductandthoughtsofRajanishji. He was invited to Surat for three days and during closed door meeting with him, had created a big controversy.
He is associated with many social and cultural activities of Surat. He was the secretary of “Narmad Sahitya Sabha” for many years. Now he is the Vice President of “Narmad Sahitya Sabha”. He had been the member of Managing Committee of Sarvajanik Education Society, a renowned educational organization of Surat. He is the president of Surat Printing Press Association and Surat Commercial Printers Society for many years. He was the welcome president of “MudrakParishad” held in Surat. He is the founder member of Gujarat Printers Federation and had been the president also. He is the established member of Gujarati Books Publishers Association. He is the pioneer of Gujarati and Marathi Pocket Books. LateAcharyaAtre making observations of Marathi Pocket Books of “Sahitya Sangam” in his “Maratha” daily for three weeks asked question that if a publisher sitting in Surat out of Maharashtra can publish such beautiful pocket books, only for Rs. 2.50 then what do the Marathi Publishers do ?

He is running a big movement of “book culture” against “T.V. Culture” by offering cheap books to the people of Gujarat. He is trying sincerely to pay the obligation of Gujarati people and literary persons by publishing the creation of first category of literary persons in Gujarati at half value and publishing the same creation in Hindi, Marathi and English besides Gujarati.

To give 23 books yearly worth Rs. 1800 at 70 % less value means only against Rs. 545 through home delivery, such a five years “GranthYatra” scheme was introduced. It has completed five years. It is the first experiment all over India to offer the books in five years worth Rs. 9000 against the payment of only Rs. 2725 through home delivery. The main purpose of this scheme is,the cultured Gujaratis can give legacy of library of best books to their family at ordinary investment only.

There is no complete democracy anywhere in the world. Making such surprising statement, to save democracy, in “How should be good government” he has presented complete draft of good government, which has been published in Hindi, Marathi and English besides Gujarati. Many great leaders of India have admired the same. Same way, 65 corrections suggested by him to “constitution reform tribunal” its book named “Suggestions for Constitution Amendments” have been published in Hindi, Marathi and English besides Gujarati, which were accepted by the president of constitution reform tribunal himself and he had instructed his steno to place important points in the meeting of the committee. Specially the matter of pleasure is such that the constitutional reforms tribunal had suggested amendments of 400 pages out of which the government and election commission accepted about 15 suggestions and all of them are from the books of Shri Nanubhai Naik.

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