Eminent Vastu expert Girender Bharti
    Eminent Vastu expert Girender Bharti
According to Uttarakhand based eminent Vastu expert Girender Bharti With luxurious interiors and modern-day fittings, the concept of sustainable living has been the key influencer for the homebuyers


The growing stress-level and anxiety among the millennials have doubled the popularity of vastu the ancient Indian architecture science compliant homes in India  and especially in major cities of Punjab including Ludhiana, Jalandhar ,Mohali and Amritsar.

Today, home makers and buyers are extremely selective when it comes to buying a house for their near and dear ones. Most of the buyers prefer to invest in projects that assure a positive and relaxing environment after the entire day’s toil and hard work. For many, a peaceful home interior is a key for their healthy body and mind; therefore, vastu shastra compliant homes have gained immense popularity. As vastu shastra science provides guidelines to design and maintain a harmonious living condition in the homes, offices and factories,

According to Uttarakhand based eminent Vastu expert Girender Bharti With luxurious interiors and modern-day fittings, the concept of sustainable living has been the key influencer for the homebuyers. Embedding wellness features such as growing plants on the roofs and walls, double-height windows and green spaces in the home design are some quick ways to turn home into healthy living.

Technology has also played an undeniable role in making the life of homeowners easy and calm. Today homes are being designed with a high component of automation and technology to make one’s life smooth and hassle-free. These homes are generally situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city and are designed by reputed vastu shashtra experts to render peaceful ambience to the homeowner.

“The growing awareness and need for peaceful interiors have made vastu compliant homes popular in Tier I and II cities. Many home builders and  buyers believe that vastu norms are important for the interior decor of a peaceful house. Not only it brings in positivity but also attracts wealth and prosperity. It is a common belief that the arrangement of the interiors will have a direct impact on the lives of the people living in the house.” Said Bharti jiwho is also founder of Vastu Wisdom .

“The interiors of the house comprise everything inside the house right from the entrance, kitchen and windows, to colours and texture. When it comes to peaceful interiors homebuyers should avoid the use of black colour in their furniture and walls. Moreover, it is advised to plan the bedroom in the North or East direction of the house for better growth and prosperity.” He added .

“Today Vastu is being recognised to the world as a technique that offers happiness and calmness to the life of an individual. Therefore, many builders are using this vastu concept in developing peaceful and relaxed interiors for their customers.

Similarly music is a universal language and is known as the biggest stress reliever. Incorporating Gayatri Mantra music in one’s house creates a strong and powerful impact on the house.: he added .

“It is suggested as per vastu norms to make separate space for stress relieving activities: Creating separate space for stress relieving activities can help in maintaining a peaceful life. This is a space where a homebuyer can do meditation or may sit peacefully to enjoy quality time. “ he said .

“Considering the growing demand for peaceful interiors, developers are experimenting with the latest technologies and offering world-class projects. Overall, it can be said that a peaceful interior is an emerging need in the residential sector, not only in India but across the globe. Therefore, demand for vastu compliant home will continue to be on the rise in future.” He concluded .


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