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Sunday, June 13th, 2021

More cases of diarrhoea, typhoid being reported

Arrival of Monsoon a Welcome Sign but Doctors Warn Against Rising Infections

With monsoon providing much needed respite from the summer heat, the city greets rainfall with much cheer. However, the season is brings with it a host of diseases and infections. Doctors in the city highlight the worrying rise in infections and diseases and issue an advisory of how to escape from getting infected during the season.

INVC NEWS Patiala,Monsoon is a time of enjoying rainfall and light cool breeze, with a hot cup of tea and some lip smacking snacks, and with some retro music playing on the background. However, with heavy rainfall come a host of problems in Indian cities and villages, beginning with water logging and floods and host of infections.While Patiala greeted pre-monsoon rainfall in the second half of June, the city received heavy rainfall of around 126 mm. However, the showers added to further woes to the city, as there was water logging across Patiala. With monsoon around the corner, doctors in the city have yet again begun witnessing a spike in infections and water-borne diseases. “Some of the most common diseases which surface strongly in the monsoon season are vector borne. Diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria spike during this season as cooler weather and water stagnation creates breeding space for mosquitoes. Last year, the city saw a steep rise of dengue cases from over 1340 in 2016 to 2400 in 2017. It is important to identify various breeding spots in the city and treat them timely to prevent a possible outbreak of diseases” said Dr. Prashant Bhatt Consultant Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala. Not only vector borne diseases but the city also experiences a spike in infections. Some of the most common diseases other than allergies include diarrhoea, typhoid, viral fever, and cholera. Other than these, various other infections are finding due space. “Viral fever cases are on the rise, with a significant increase in patient footfall.  There are many cases that are being reported for stomach infections with more cases of diarrhoea, typhoid being reported from more densely populated areas of the city or from the suburbs” said Dr. Prashant Bhatt. As prevention is better than cure, doctors are insisting to follow some health tips that can save you from health hazards during rains: •        Do not wait till the situation become worse; for any physical uneasiness visit the doctor. Remember that prognosis increases chances of cure. •        Avoid eating outside during the monsoon, especially fast food or frozen food. Frozen food is prone to fungal build up leading to diarrhoea or stomach infection. •        Do not compromise with hygiene during the monsoon. Take a shower after coming home with mild soap or diluted disinfectant in bathing water. •        Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids as it keeps the bodily fluids replenished and a good water balance can fight many a virus that can create trouble during monsoon •        Wear rain boots, this will prevent the feet from coming in contact with polluted water thus warding off fungal infections. •        Use mosquito repellents while going out and mosquito nets at home to avoid dengue and malaria. •        Treat the nearby mosquito breeding areas. •        Always carry a hand sanitizer andclean water to use it before eating anything. •        Carry a bottle of potable water while going out and avoid having water outside or only consume packaged water. •        Do not eat from roadside food joints. “Only being proactive with precautionary methods can eliminate the chances of a bad monsoon experience when incurring an infection this rainy season. In case of any signs, do consult a qualified medical practitioner instead of going for self-medication,” added Dr.Prashant Bhatt.



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