Chennai – : The scorching heat experienced across the country is expected to subside soon as relief approaches in the form of the monsoon season. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted that the monsoon will reach Kerala by June 4. Additionally, the conditions are favorable for the further progression of the monsoon, bringing a respite from the heatwave. Over the next 2-3 days, North India is expected to witness fair rainfall.

Monsoon Arrival in Kerala

According to the Meteorological Department, there has been substantial pre-monsoon rainfall during March to May. From March 1 to May 25, the country has experienced a 12 percent excess rainfall, which has contributed to fewer instances of heatwaves during the pre-monsoon season. As the monsoon gains strength, it is anticipated to reach Kerala around June 4. However, the onset of the monsoon is not expected before June 1. This year, the monsoon is likely to be normal.

Current Weather Conditions

The IMD has reassured that there is no immediate threat of a cyclone in the Arabian Sea for the next week. Uniform rainfall across regions would be ideal, ensuring that agricultural activities are not adversely affected. At present, Northwest India has received below normal rainfall.

Pre-Monsoon Rains

The period from March to May, known as the pre-monsoon season, witnessed significant rainfall. These rains have been crucial in preparing the ground for the arrival of the monsoon. The pre-monsoon showers help to cool the temperature and create favorable conditions for the subsequent monsoon showers. This year, the pre-monsoon rains have been promising, leading to optimism about a normal monsoon.

Onset of Monsoon

The monsoon season brings relief from the scorching heat, replenishes water bodies, and sustains agriculture across the country. The onset of the monsoon marks the beginning of a crucial period for farmers and the general populace. While the monsoon is expected to reach Kerala by June 4, its arrival in other parts of the country will vary. As the monsoon progresses, it gradually covers the entire Indian subcontinent.

Expected Rainfall

The IMD predicts normal rainfall for this year’s monsoon season. Adequate rainfall is essential for agricultural activities and overall water availability. Normal rainfall ensures proper irrigation and contributes to a healthy crop yield. However, the distribution and intensity of rainfall can vary across different regions of the country.

Impact on Agriculture

The monsoon season plays a vital role in India’s agricultural sector. Adequate and timely rainfall is crucial for the success of crops and the overall growth of the agricultural industry. Normal monsoon rainfall supports the sowing, growth, and maturation of crops, ensuring food security and stability in prices. Farmers eagerly await the arrival of the monsoon as it determines their livelihoods and the well-being of the nation.

Cyclone Possibility

The IMD has provided reassurance that there is no immediate threat of a cyclone in the Arabian Sea for the next one week. Cyclones can disrupt the monsoon pattern, causing uneven rainfall distribution and potential damage to coastal areas. The absence of cyclonic disturbances during the initial phase of the monsoon is beneficial for the smooth progression of the rainy season.

Regional Rainfall Disparity

While uniform rainfall across the country would be ideal, regional disparity in rainfall is common during the monsoon season. Some regions receive excess rainfall, while others experience below-normal precipitation. Northwest India has observed below-normal rainfall so far, which raises concerns about water availability and agricultural productivity in those areas. Efforts are being made to mitigate the impact of regional disparities and ensure adequate water management.


With the monsoon expected to reach Kerala by June 4, there is optimism for relief from the scorching heat across the country. The pre-monsoon rains and favorable conditions indicate a normal monsoon season ahead. Adequate rainfall is crucial for agriculture, ensuring food security and supporting the livelihoods of millions. However, regional disparities in rainfall distribution and the absence of cyclones remain areas of concern. As the monsoon progresses, its impact on various regions will become clearer.


When will the monsoon arrive in Kerala this year?

The monsoon is expected to reach Kerala by June 4, according to the forecast by the Indian Meteorological Department.

Has there been excess rainfall during the pre-monsoon season?

Yes, from March 1 to May 25, there has been a 12 percent excess rainfall during the pre-monsoon period.

What is the expected rainfall pattern for this year’s monsoon?

The monsoon is likely to be normal, as predicted by the IMD. Normal rainfall is crucial for agriculture and overall water availability.

Are there any possibilities of cyclones affecting the monsoon?

Currently, there is no immediate threat of a cyclone in the Arabian Sea for the next one week, as stated by the IMD.

Is there any regional disparity in rainfall during the monsoon?

Yes, regional disparities in rainfall are common during the monsoon season. Northwest India has received below-normal rainfall so far, which raises concerns for water availability and agricultural productivity in those regions.


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