Monsoon Essential Hair Care Tips !



New Delhi,

Don’t let the monsoon ever dull the sparkle within you and your hair! The monsoon showers are here, and the sun rays are all set to cast its spell on us. It is time for all of us to fight our battles with the rain and protect your hair from the excessive moisture and bacteria as this directly hits our hair making them fall weak. It is time we protect our hair to be soft and lustrous!

It is very essential to prep our hair to be monsoon ready as humidity and dampness can often be very irritating. We must say goodbye to this unwanted wetness in our hair by adapting few hair care tips.

1.     Stop frying your hair – The sun is already pouring in too much heat on our hair, thus, we should avoid all heat generating products like blow dryers, straighteners, curling rods etc. Try embracing your natural hair and give up on all these heating tools.

2.     Get a trim – This summer get a new look by getting your hair trimmed or by going in for a haircut. Short hair are easy to manage and shall give you enhanced looks, too. Getting rid of dry or split ends is very important as they hamper healthy growth of hair. They also give a very rough and an untidy appearance to our hair.

3.     Start consuming plenty of fluids – Intake of ample and plenty of fluids like water, smoothies, juices, shakes, lemonade and coconut water are very essential for our body. Staying hydrated maintains and cools the body temperature and makes us feel refreshed.

4.     Go for Deep Conditioning – Prolonged exposure to sun often makes our hair rough, dry and brittle. Thus, deep conditioning is crucial for revitalizing and rejuvenating our hair so that our hair and scalp feel nourished and fresh. It also restores the moisture which is often lost during summer days.

5.     Cover them up – It is very essential to cover our Hair up with some scarfs or hats before heading out in the sun. It prevents direct exposure to our hair from sun rays thus reinstating the moisture content in hair. Also, the scarfs and hats prevent our hair from getting tangled during hot winds.

6.     Avoid tying your hair tightly – Loose buns, up knots and messy braids give a very chic look. Tight hair knots can be very uncomfortable and excruciating. Tying of hair tightly can also lead to excessive hair fall and hair damage. Stay cool, loose, messy and trendy!

7.     Make oiling a habit – Regular oiling is a must as this shall shoo away, dry and rough hair. Oiling helps to restore all the essential oils required for nourishment of healthy scalp and hair. Coconut, avocado and olive oil penetration in our scalp is very essential.

Managing damaged hair can be tough but incorporating some of these simple habits, can change the game. Few alterations in your hair care regime, can do wonders. We hope, you are all set to protect you hair from damage this summer. So go out and chill!

In conversation with Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Founder, Dr. A’s Clinic

About Dr. Arvind Poswal:

Dr. Arvind Poswal is an inventor, artist, perfectionist and a teacher. He is the inventor of the stitch-less FUSE Technique that has enabled numerous advances in the field of Hair Transplant. He has firmly established a leading destination for restoration, Dr. A’s Clinic in Delhi, NCR and Mumbai. He has also won Best Hair Transplant Surgeon 2010 Award, Life Time Heath Achievement Award in 2012 along with innumerable laurels.


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