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Friday, August 6th, 2021

Money : Mortal But Universal God

{ Pankaj Sinha } I always heard and read that you can't take money with you when you die. Here giving it a name of being mortal yet an universal God would be a different way of explaining it.

It is said that in Hinduism, there are 33 crore Gods in which one can be seen is the sun God. Let me make a change from 33 crore to 33 crore and 1 God which is the money. So one more God which can be seen. But the most important thing about this God is that it is a mortal God as it is very similar to the physical being of a man. It remains with the man till he is in his physical being. It does not go with him when he dies. It remains in this world,keeping his presence very eminent as nothing works  without him in this Wold. Let me talk about its mortality in comparison to physical being of a man. It cannot leave this world with you whoever or whatever you are. It has certain limitations as the physical man. It can only buy dead things for the alive man for his comforts. It cannot help the soul to improve at any level it is only connected and can help the physical being. It can only buy material things that exists in this world and this is the reason why we should respect money. It gives us comfort as per our need for worldly things. These comforts are necessary for your life but if greed comes in, it starts harming, as we start loosing humanity. Satisfaction wise it comforts you by giving mental peace, as it only can fulfill any of your physical need. But it need worship with a balance. If balance is lost then it starts giving jealousy, tension, anxiety, depression etc. One should have money in abundance according to their need but the balance for desire, need and possession must be there. If this balance is created then this mortal God helps you spiritually as the abundance of it would create awareness to understand the importance of harmony in every aspect of life. This God is the only creator of everything in this world. Therefore to have harmony in your life  this money God needs balance. Universality of this God is that all the money in this world is one, it keeps rotating among everyone. It encircle the live cycle and changes hand accordingly. It rotates in its  material world according to demand and supply. Therefore nobody can claim this money to be theirs as it may shift to any other hand at any time  of life. Creating money is not the criteria for being happy. Being happy or unhappy is a state of mind, it has nothing to do how much money you have accumulated. It is a wrong idea that if you earn money you are a winner and if  not a looser. So, you must understand the mortality and universality of the money God and must give it its due importance. The balance is most important because through this only one can achieve contentment and happiness and will live in a win win situation. No matter how grave the situation may, always try to earn happiness and contentment. Therefore it's your utmost responsibility to have balance between your life and humanity and it's very easy because it is within you only. ------------------
Pankaj Sinha    Motivational Writer - Patna

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