Do’s and don’ts in the sixteen Mondays of Sawan

The month of Sawan is considered to be the best to please the God of gods, Mahadev. In this entire month, Shiva is worshiped according to the law. Although this whole month is particularly fruitful from the religious point of view, but every Monday falling in Sawan has a different significance. Lord Shiva is worshiped on Mondays in this month. From early morning, Shiva devotees go to the temples and offer milk, water and Bel leaves to the Shivling. According to mythological beliefs, Maa Parvati along with Shiva Shambhu is pleased on the devotee who observes the Sawan Monday fast with a sincere heart and duly offers prayers to Lord Bholenath. Apart from this, if unmarried girls observe a fast on Monday in the month of Sawan, then they get a suitable life partner. In such a situation, let us know about the worship method and ingredients of Sawan Somwar Vrat…

Sawan Somwar Puja Material
For worship on Monday in the month of Sawan, flowers, five fruits, five nuts, gems, gold, silver, dakshina, utensils of worship, mischief, curd, pure native ghee, honey, Gangajal, holy water, Pancha juice, perfume, smell, Roli, Molly Take Janeu, Pancha sweet, Bilvapatra, Datura, Bhang, Plum, Manjari, Mandar flower, Raw cow’s milk, Camphor, Incense, Deep, Cotton, Malayagiri, Sandalwood, Shiva and Mother Parvati’s makeup material.

Sawan Monday fasting method
Wake up early in the morning on Sawan Monday and take bath and after that do Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva. Also offer Gangajal or milk to Goddess Parvati and Nandi.

Do Rudrabhishek with Panchamrit and offer Bel leaves. Offer Datura, cannabis, potato, sandalwood, rice on Shivling. After this, apply tilak to Goddess Parvati and Ganesha along with Shiva.

Offer ghee and sugar to Lord Shiva as prasad. In the end, worship Lord Bholenath with incense, lamp and keep remembering Lord Shiva by eating fruits throughout the day. PLC / GT


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