With an intent to break the myths around depression, Girliyapa Spotlight, brings a powerful video post World Mental Health Day to encourage people to come out in the open and share their stories.


Mumbai ,

Depression. In 2016, more than 3 lakh people in India suffered from depression. The numbers are increasing with every passing day due to numerous reasons that affect millions of lives across the world. But what’s worse is that people still hesitate to talk about it as if unhone kisi ka kuch chura liya hai aur chup rehne mein hi bhalai hai.Pados waali aunty se do katori cheeni maangte hue itna nahi sochte jitna apni feelings ko express karne mein sochte hai, thanks to the continuous societal pressure. Girliyapa Spotlight, a property of popular YouTube channel Girliyapa, that wonderfully catered to social issues through a series of inspiring stories, has come up with another impactful video ‘Mom, I’m Depressed’.


Featuring Kushboo Baid, Shabnam Vadheraand Satish Ray, the hard-hitting video talks about depression, which should be treated like another disease and how it is perceived negatively in the society. The video revolves around depression in an engaging conversation between Shreya and her mother Savita. From gathering the courage to tell her mother about her depression, introducing her to the therapist Nakul and trying her very best to explain the condition to her mother who just doesn’t understand, the video shows how bad the scenario is in India when it comes to understanding depression and how people really need to break this taboo and come out of their shell. Written and directed by Jatin Birajdar, the video leaves a simple yet powerful message for all. It conveys to us that depression is just another a mental disorder and can be treated through medications and counselling sessions.


In the past, the platform, that aims to be the voice and platform for social causes, has brought social issues such as child labour, menstruation health, LGBTQIA+ rights, body shaming and eve-teasing in the limelight through a variety of videos, illustrations, and narrations with the intent to sensitize people and generate positive conversations around it.


This video not only successfully breaks the myths around depression, but beautifully encourages people to come out and talk more openly about the prevalent issue.



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