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Releasing BJP’s ‘Vision Kashmir’ here, Tarun Chugh, National Secretary of the party said that BJP has big plans for the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir. The party plans to focus on fruits, flower and other crops of the state after it comes into power besides restoring the glory of the valley to attract domestic and foreign tourists, he said.

People of Kashmir have been electing members of two families as their rulers and the two families have been ruling them like rulers.  None of the two families cared to serve the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The elections to state assembly this time would be historic as the state would get rid of father-son and father-daughter rules which had been looting the people of the state.

Talking of BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir Agenda, Chugh said that in addition to agriculture and tourism, the party propses to focus on Power to make the state prosperous.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon to make Jammu and Kashmir prosperous to abolish poverty from the state.

Chugh claimed that the Modi wave seems to be much stronger in J&K and the party has witnessed huge support during the first two phases of elections. More than 70 percent of the voters have come out to cast their votes, which in itself is an indication that people want BJP to work for the development of the state.

This is for the first time that BJP has gone all out and given candidates for all the seats of the state and this would also be for the first time that BJP will gain majority and form a government in the state.

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address a huge and historic rally at Srinagar in support of BJP candidates. Lakhs of people are expected to attend the rally and pledge their support to BJP as they are all praise for what the prime minister has done for the country and the people of the country in a short span of time.

The BJP has constituted different teams and assigned specific duties to them to make the rally a success.

People of the valley are eager to see and listen the prime minister as he has proved that he was a prime minister, who not only promises but delivers too


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