mdi(Story By Balendra Vaghela**)
As the Indian voter being aware about the untruth and half truth statements facts and figures announced by Gujarat Chief minister and BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi. He put his unsuccessful efforts to change the history of the country many a times.

Modi blundered on Investor’s summits, growth figures of the state, at number one position in different aspects of the state in country, progress in agriculture and industry etc., based on bogus figures. In his majority speeches he used untruth or half truth regarding the issues of the state to get recognization and claps from the audience.

Recently a organization of US, the National Indian American Public Policy Institute of Indian community have organized Bharat Day in Washington on 19th Nov. 2013. Where some members of House Republican conference H S House of representatives were going to remain present as claimed and  publicized by the chairman of Indian American Advisory council Mr. Shalabh Kumar (Shalli).

Mr. Shalli claimed in  publicity literature of Bharat day celebration at Capital hall, Washington DC on 19th. November 2013 that the member chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers and other seven members of House Republican conference will attend the celebration.

At the same time he mentioned in the invitation, the names of expected leaders from India Mr. Mohan Bhagwat of RSS, Mr. Manohar Parikar the BJP Chief minister of Goa, including Narendra Modi, all from Bharatiya janata party from India. Mr. Narendra Modi was supposed to address the celebration through video conferencing as mentioned in invitation.

Mr. Shalli have attached a letter of the Chairman Cathy McMorris Rodgers with invitation to all guest from India. The letter says that Chairman Cathy McMorris Rodgers is very interested and enthusiastic to meet Mr. Natrendra Modi, She congratulates and praise Mr. Narendra Modi and hoping to be in touch in months ahead.

It was surprise for many of Indian citizens because while US government has denied visa to Mr. Modi and how come a member of US political party can write such letter for him?

Some of the guests from India found some thing wrong and fishy in Bharat Day celebration activity. After some research and communication they found that Narendra Modi was not invited or expected or praised or congratulated by any member or chairmen of House Republican conference, Washington DC. They found that the issue is fishy and misguiding for the invited guests.

More recent reports says that Mr. Shalli has been served notice for some legal actions by the member of House Republican conference, Washington DC. For using the name of Chairman and forge the stationary for Bharat day Celebration event organized by the National Indian American Public Policy Institute. It’s a big shame on the part of the Indian community in US because of the person like Mr. Shalabh Kumar the “Shalli”.

The question will remain unsolved till Mr. Shalli clarify the matter that why he has committed such shameful act or by under whose instruction or pressure he did such shameful activity.

Mr. Narendra Modi is now became authority for falls statements and announcements in India. Mr. Shalli may be the follower of Mr. Modi but he should have thought for other Indian community brothers and sisters living in US before committing such blunder.

The people of India strongly believes that Mr. Narendra Modi would have managed by all means, Mr. Shalabh Kumar “Shalli” for attempting such shameful blunder on Bharat Day celebration in US, just to keep his presence in news and discussion on international media. As he is doing in India.


 Balendra(Story By Balendra Vaghela**)

*Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC.



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